Top rooms to put your dining table in
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What room should I put my dining table in? (Results may surprise you)

When you have a home, you have to decide on where to put certain things. The stress and anxiety can be both exciting and overwhelming. I totally understand your worries. Nothing is set in stone meaning a TV doesn’t necessarily have to be in a living room. An office desk doesn’t necessarily need to be in the study room. You might not even have a living room.

The point of deciding where furniture belongs is so that those items you place there can be used for something else. A dining table is a multi-purpose tool.

What’s the best room to place your dining table? In a survey with over 130 participants, I’ve found that 58% of my poll participants choose the dining room, 33% picked the kitchen, and only 7% choose the living room. The rest had an almost dead even 1% each for the study room, and the bedroom.

Which room can you put a dining table in_
Which room can you put a dining table in?

Even without the poll, most of us would clearly agree that the dining table belongs in the dining room. However, is this always the case? What if you live in a home without a proper dining room? What if you would prefer your dining room be free and clear without sitting in a space consuming table? What if you are simply using the island table in your kitchen as your dining table?

There are so many reasons why you might not want to have a dining table in your dining room. I’d like to give you an idea of what you can do and all the possibilities of where you can place your dining table set.

First place: The dining room is the most popular place to fit your dining table

A dining room can be considered somewhat of a sacred place for the family. It’s the room where everyone under one roof comes together to spend time with each other. Traditionally, this would be the room where most families would place their dining table.

Let’s make one thing clear though, there are 3 main categories of spaces in a home. One is the type of space where a person spends most of his or her time alone. The other is a room dedicated to groups of people gathering together to socialize. This social category is right here in the dining room. The last one is just for storage.

It’s the space where an entire family can spend time together. It’s a place to relax, to learn from one another, and to share meals together.

It is without a doubt the best place to put a dining table for most households.

But what makes the dining room the best place to put a dining table? The answer to that is bonding. Aside from the descriptive name that comes along with a “dining” table, there’s a lot more to it then that.

Dining tables hold a lot of meaning to a lot of people. You can follow many different cultures in the world and many of them that have dining tables or a version of the dining table fundamentally have it for the same reason. A dining table isn’t just a tool where a family can eat together, it’s a tool dedicated to family bonding.

With that said, a dining table for a dining room needs to be large enough (See it here on Amazon) to carry on an entire family’s meal. It needs to be able to hold not only the food but account for the elbow room needed for a comfortable morning, lunch, or evening dining.

Second place: The versatility of the kitchen makes it a great room for a dining table

The next runner up was of course, the kitchen. The kitchen is a wonderful place to set up a dining table. It has all the right ingredients and all the right settings to place a dining table.

The kitchen is yet another area in a home dedicated to groups and members of a family spending time together. So by placing a dining table here, it wouldn’t be something out of the ordinary.

In fact, this was the set up when I was a child in the house I grew up in.

Now this worked really well for us. Not only was this table the place to eat, but it was also the place I used to study as well. Our dining table was a multipurpose tool. My mom or dad would be in the kitchen besides me cooking and I’d be sitting there in front of her or him finishing up school work or even just watching TV.

It was a great combination of tools for functional space and I highly recommend this approach.

Remember a dining table is first and foremost a place where families and individuals can have meals. My family and I had used it much more than that. But what better place to have a meal then to simply have it where the food is prepared right next to you.

Aside from that, this allowed me to spend more time with my family. Whether it be my dad or mom cooking up a storm in the kitchen, I was there.

With the kitchen being a space solely for cooking and preparing meals, it can get a little cramped depending on the shape and size. Dining tables positioned in this space need to use space efficiently and it never hurts to have extra shelving under those kitchen dining tables for extra storage (See it here on Amazon).

Third place: A living room with a dining table is a great match in coherence

The living room is also a popular place to put a dining table. Dining tables have always been the citadel for sharing ideas and laughter and even serious talks amongst each other.

Being that this is the living room, it is already a place to share time together as a family. There shouldn’t be any surprise that this is the third choice in line.

Living rooms may be one place where most families spend most of their time together. There’s usually a TV, board games, video games, or some sort of entertainment system in this room.

Why is the living room a popular place to put a dining table? Having a dining table in the living room just adds to the positive vibes of the living room setting. Not only can you eat together on a dining table in the living room in front of the main TV, but you can also play games together in the living room, on a dining table. You can work on projects, teach and learn together on a dining table.

The fact of the matter is, the living room is already a place dedicated to bonding. A dining table is a tool that’s also dedicated to bonding. It just makes sense that these 2 areas should come together eventually.

The best thing about having a dining table in a living room is that chances are, everyone’s already in the room at some point in the evening.

Being that this is a living room we’re talking about, chances are this room will have limited space. Your mission will be to find space away from the sofa, a distance away from the TV and whatever counters and coffee tables you may have. At this point, if you so choose on having your dining table in the living too, you have a limited choice. You’re going to need a dining table set that is minimalistic (See it here on Amazon). It has to be able to open up to the whole family, while at the same time able to be tucked away out of sight and out of the way.

Forth place: The study room fitted with a dining table can be a powerful set up for productivity

There’s not much love for the study room and it disappointingly got the second to last vote on the list. This is understandable. The study room is usually a small office type room and is considered different from the top three rooms we’ve discussed earlier.

Unlike the dining, kitchen and living room, the study room is categorized as a room to be alone in. It’s a room dedicated to be quiet and a place to be alone in your own thoughts.

But dining tables can be beneficial in a room like this. If you don’t have a work desk, a dining table can strongly take the place of one. Perhaps you are cramping for an exam or need to finish up something without distractions. This is the room for that and a dining table can help.

Dining tables can have a sort of advantage if placed in this type of room. Dining tables are usually large and able to fit several people on it. But in the case of placing it inside your study room, you can place a lot of your work on a dining table.

When I was in college, I gravitated towards larger tables when I studied. I would walk to the library looking for a large vacant table to set down my books, my notes and all my folders. Having all my notes and paperwork scattered and sorted around the table was helpful to me.

So based on my personal experiences alone, the advantages of having a dining table inside a study room would be that you are left alone and able to read, work, and finish up projects while given a lot of personal space to put all your work on.

If by some odd chance you are looking to get a dining table here for your study room. I would recommend looking into something similar to what you would get for the living room. It has to be minimalistic due to the space constraints.

Fifth place: A bedroom with a dining table in it can be distracting

Now this is a difficult one. I can’t really come up with an idea as to why there would be a dining table inside of a bedroom unless, you like to sleep, work and eat all in one room. The bedroom is not a social room.

The bedroom is usually a room for you to relax and recuperate in. It’s a room dedicated to silence and rest.

Unsurprisingly according to the poll, its the worst room to put a dining table in.

Bonus: Should I place my dining table in the bathroom?


Don’t do it.

The humid climate in a bathroom will surely damage the wooden or wooden laminate table and there’s really no reason why anyone would want to be eating, studying, or even playing board games in a bathroom.

Take care of your wooden table

Remember to always take care of your wooden table. There are plenty of ways to avoid harsh chemicals when wiping down this precious piece of furniture. You want it to last as long as it can.