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A Technical Description of the PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer

The PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer is a multi-function countertop kitchen appliance that mimics deep frying with the use of hot air and little to no oil. The air fryer is known as a healthier alternative to deep-frying food because it makes use of hot air to crisp food to perfection.

Like most air fryers, this specific air fryer consists of a pull-out basket with a handle, fry tray, air vents, LED control panel, the main housing chamber, and a power cable. This air fryer appliance will allow its users to air fry food with ease and enjoy delicious food in a healthier way. In essence, the goal of this description guide is to provide novice air fryer users with a detailed description of each component and its functionality.

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Component #1 & #2: Fry Tray & Rubber Bumpers (Figure 2)

The first labeled component of the air fryer in Figure 2 is the frying tray. The fry tray is what users use to place their food on when using an air fryer. As you can see from Figure 1, the frying tray is perforated with holes. These holes will allow for hot air to circulate around the food to ensure an even cook and crisp. A good feature of the frying tray is that it has a special non-stick coating. This coating will allow users to easily clean any food that sticks to the tray.

Attached to the frying tray are component #2, the rubber bumpers. These rubber bumpers help hold the frying tray in place while also maintaining a gap between the bottom of the air fryer basket. In addition, another great feature about the rubber bumpers is that they will prevent any scratching that the frying tray may cause.

Component #3 & #4: Basket & Handle (Figure 2)

The component that is labeled number 3 in Figure 2 is the basket. The basket is essentially an insert drawer that holds the food. Similar to the frying tray, the basket is also perforated with holes. These holes will help hot air circulate around the food to have an even crisp. 

Attached to the basket is component #4, the handle. The handle allows users to pull and insert the basket in and out of the main unit housing with ease when using the appliance.

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Component #5: Main Unit Housing (Figure 3)

The main unit housing contains electrical and heating components. This component is the most essential and critical part of the air fryer as it is what generates the hot air to circulate in order to cook the user’s desired food. More specifically, it is the fan that is inside at the top of the main unit housing that circulates the hot air. 

The dimensions of the main unit housing for the 5-quart air fryer shown in the picture are 15.2”(D) x 11.3”(W) x 13.5”(H).

Component #6: Air Inlet Vent (Figure 3)

The air inlet vent is located on the exterior at the top of the air fryer. With this placement, it will allow hot air to circulate and flow out to ensure even cooking. It is normal to see hot air venting out of the air fryer. In doing so, it will also prevent the air fryer from overheating and causing fire hazards.

Component #7: Control Panel (Figure 3)

The control panel is an LED touch panel that contains a variety of cooking presets that the air fryer offers, the power button, temperature adjustment, and cook time adjustment. You can take a closer look at what cook presets the air fryer offers down below in Figure 4.

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Air fryer display settings

Control Panel Display Description:

Power Button

  • The power button and control panel will illuminate once the user inserts the basket into the main unit housing.
  • Pressing the power button the first time will turn on the air fryer and set the air fryer to a default of 370 degrees and 15 minute cook time.
  • Pressing the power button the second time after choosing your desired cook temperature and time will begin the cooking process.
  • Pressing the power button while the food is cooking will cause the air fryer machine to turn off.

Cooking Presets

  • Each cooking preset can be seen by its icon. Some cooking presets that these air fryer option offers are french fries, roast, bake, fish, shrimp, steak, chicken, pizza, reheat, and dehydrate. Each preset has a default cook time for the specific food you are trying to cook.
  • It is important to note that the bigger the air fryer you have, the more cooking presets you will have available and the smaller your air fryer is, the fewer options you will have available.

Temperature Control Button

  • To adjust the temperature, you can use the up arrow to increase the temperature and the down arrow to make the temperature lower.

Time & Temperature Display

  • This component keeps track and displays what temperature your food is cooking at and how much cook time remains.

Time Control Button

  • To adjust the timing of the cook, you can use the up arrow to increase the amount of time in minutes and the down arrow to decrease the cooking time.

Component #8: Hot Air Outlet Vent (Figure 5)

The purpose of this outlet vent is to release hot air as stated in its name. It is normal for hot air/steam to come out of the air fryer vent as it is part of the normal cooking process. In addition, ventilation will allow the air fryer to work smoothly, the food to cook properly, and to prevent any fire hazards.

Component #9: Power Cable (Figure 5)

The power cable is used to plug into the wall socket to give the air fryer electrical power to fulfill its intended purpose.


The PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer is a kitchen countertop appliance that allows its users to perfectly fry food without the use of excessive oil. In doing so, it allows its users to have a healthier “frying” option with the circulation of hot air rather than drowning their food in oil. Overall, the PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer is a great and easy cooking appliance to consider for your