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Are Immersion Blenders Loud? (Here’s Exactly Why!)

When you’re in the kitchen, there are a ton of things that can make a lot of noise. Your microwave can be running, your mixer can be turning, and your immersion blender can be blending.

If you never used an immersion blender before and are wondering how loud does one get, then this article is for you.

Are immersion blenders loud?

Immersion blenders aren’t really loud when you compare them to regular blenders. While typical food blenders can be measured to be as loud as 69 to 88 decibels, an immersion blender is much quieter. Most sounds coming from immersion blenders can be measured between 50 and 70 decibels.

The reason immersion blenders are not as loud as regular punters is because of their smaller motors. Immersion blenders are not meant to be as heavy duty as typical blenders. And that’s why there’s no need for it to have such a large motor. While a normal motor can typically crush ice, immersion blenders may have a bit of a difficult time if you tried.

How to make your immersion blender quieter

There are several things you can do to make sure that your immersion blender doesn’t wake up a family. Here are some tips below.

Tip #1: When blending, try to fully submerge the blades inside the food or liquid

Tip #2: You can wrap a towel around the handle of your immersion blender so that you can get a more steady grip

Tip #3: If you can, crush or cut your food into smaller pieces before you blend them

Tip #4: Use your immersion blender for soups and liquidy foods

Tip #5: Start your immersion blender on low and then gradually speed it up

Tip #6: Keep your bowl steady when you are using an immersion blender on it

Tip #7: Try placing your bowl on a non-slip pad

Tip #8: Fully immerse your immersion blender into the food before turning it on

Tip #9: Use two hands if you can’t keep your immersion blender still

What makes immersion blenders so loud?

There are several factors that go into causing an immersion blender to make sound. A lot of it has to do with how it works and what it’s made out of.

Below are some of the major points to consider.

The immersion blender motor

One of the biggest causes of sound coming from an immersion blender is the motor itself. This is basically the heart of the blender. The average immersion blender uses electricity and spins its gears on average to 100 rotations per minute (RPM).

Some of the higher and more expensive Brands will have even more powerful Motors that can reach RPMs of 250. The higher the RPMs the louder the immersion blender can get.

The speed of the blades spinning

The speed of the spinning blades has a direct correlation with the motor itself however when a blade spins it to makes no choice. Even if it’s not spinning into food, the mere fact that it spins in the air can cause noise.

And of course, the faster it spins the more sound it produces.

The blade design

The steel that make up the immersion blenders blades will typically create a very harsh and abrasive clashing sound with the food. Also whether the blade is sharp or dull will be a considerable Factor and how much noise it produces when it makes impact with the food.

Usually a duller blade we’ll make more sound and noise than a blade that is sharp.

The material body of the immersion blender

Another point about sound can be the fact that the immersion blender can be either made of cheap materials or high-quality materials. High-quality materials like metals tend to have more weight. They also tend to be more sturdy, firm, and well-built. The nuts and bolts are often times screwed on tighter.

Can you replace a regular blender with an immersion blender?

Yes. An immersion blender can do almost anything a regular blender can do except that an immersion blender doesn’t have a motor as strong as a regular blender. This means that you won’t be able to crushed ice so easily with an immersion blender. You might also be limited to how much you blend at one time due to the immersion blenders guards only allowing a limited amount of food inside with the blades.

What are the benefits of using an immersion blender vs. a regular blender?

One of the biggest advantages of using an immersion blender is the fact that it’s much more portable and easier to clean than your regular blender.

With a regular blender, you’ll find yourself having to wash not only the blades but also the blender mug that comes with it. 

Immersion blenders provide a quick and easy way to blend Foods together such as making a fast and easy salsa, pesto, and sauce. It also benefits in that it is less noisy and doesn’t take up much space.

Can I buy a powerful immersion blender that is not loud?

If you buy a more powerful immersion blender, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be louder. There are still many factors that fall into place when using an immersion blender.

However, it’s typically true that if you purchase an immersion blender with a stronger motor then it will likely cause more noise they are weaker one. Doing these things can help ease how loud your immersion blender can get.

There are a few things you should ask yourself if you want to purchase a quality immersion blender that is not too loud.

Can you submerge the immersion blender into the food?

Submerging your blender into the food will likely cover up the sound and leave it inside. You’ll still be able to hear the immersion blender go off but the sound will likely be muffled within the food.

Have you made sure that your bowl is secured on the table?

An immersion blenders motor and Blades can be very powerful and sometimes that can cause the bowl to rattle. I recommend firmly placing the bowl on a flat surface. If you have a non-slip padding that you can rest your bowl on top of, then this can help keep the balls steady and on the table.

Have you crushed and cut any of the chunkier and harder foods into smaller pieces? 

If you are blending really hard foods, then there is a high chance that it will make a lot of noise. It would make more noise than if you were to blend smaller chunks of those foods. Your motor would also not need to work so hard to break up the food into smaller pieces.

How well-built is the blender?

If your blender is made with durable and heavy materials, then there is a least likely chance that there will be moving parts inside of it. Sometimes, the more expensive immersion blenders are made with materials like stainless steel which gives it a strong sturdy feel.

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