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Can You Put a Plate in an Air Fryer? (Quick Answer)

Some of the most popular kitchen appliances today are air fryers. These devices create healthy and crispy food at home by using intense heat that is circulated around the cooking unit for hours, which makes it possible to cook all sorts of different foods without any oil or fat.

However, you might be wondering if your normal flat plates will fit into these types of cookers? and is there something special you need to know before you use a plate in an air fryer?

The answer is yes, using a plate inside an air fryer is perfectly acceptable. But, not all plates are the same and there are a few types of plates that you shouldn’t put in an air fryer. Fortunately, there are some quick instructions that might help you avoid the mess.

The information below will help you to know what you need before using your plates in an air fryer.

Can You Put A Plate in an Air Fryer?

The answer is yes. Using a plate inside an air fryer is perfectly acceptable. But, not all plates are made the same. You have to consider how some plates, like the ones made of plastic, could melt or some plates may release harmful chemicals when pushed to extremely high temperatures. Fortunately, understanding which materials are safe and which are unsafe to put in an air fryer can help you avoid the mess.

Can you use silicone in an air fryer?

A silicone, or non-stick cooking oil, is any type of food product that contains a mixture of siloxane polymers and organic compounds. There are two types of silicone: natural and synthetic. Natural silicones are made from plant extracts, while synthetic silicones are produced using chemical reactions.

This question is about silicone in an air fryer and the answer is that silicone that is made to be heat resistant is okay for use in an air fryer.

Silicone accessories and other cookware are largely acceptable for use in air fryers. The main thing you have to consider here is that they must be created to withstand the high temperatures of an air fryer without breaking down and releasing harmful chemicals.

Most air fryers can cook up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. High-quality heat-resistant silicone can withstand high temperatures up to around 2,577 degrees Fahrenheit. So that means that silicone doesn’t melt easily. And at 500 degrees Fahrenheit, silicone will hardly lose its chemical structure.

Silicone is a synthetic, solid material that has the properties of both metals and nonmetals. Generally speaking, silicone is often attributed to characteristics of nonreactive, stable, and resistance to extreme temperatures. Its high melting point is a result coming from its strong covalent bond between silicone atoms.

Silicone does not have a melting point. If by some miracle, you had an air fryer that was capable of heating up to temperatures above 2577 degrees Fahrenheit, then silicone wood skip the melting process and go straight into combustion.

Can you use a ceramic plate in an air fryer?

Ceramic plates are an excellent option for use in an air fryer. They are considered the safest and most environmentally friendly plates. But the only issue that many people have with ceramic is that it doesn’t last as long as they would hope.

While the material that makes up ceramic is perfectly safe for high temperatures oh, what you must watch out for is if these ceramic plates are coated with a meltable material. You also have to keep in mind that there are ceramic plates with non-stick coating. These coated layers must also be taken into consideration when being put in an air fryer.

The melting point of most ceramic materials is above 2000 degrees Celsius or 3632 degrees Fahrenheit. That is a ton of heat. In fact, Clay is the main component of ceramics, and they are usually created in a kiln using extremely high temperatures. Once finished oh, they are coated with a layer of waterproof, non-stick glaze. The Glades itself can withstand up to 1300 degrees Celsius which translates into 2372 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ceramic plates are an excellent option for air fryers. They are smooth, waterproof, durable plates that can last an incredibly long time if you take care of them well.

Can you use a glass plate in an air fryer?

In general, if you own any glass bowls or containers, and if they are considered oven-safe, then there’s a high probability that they are also air fryer safe.

Depending on the composition of how glass is made, it usually takes about 1600 degrees C the melted glass. Glass is molded in extremely high temperatures above 1600 degrees Celsius or 2912 degrees Fahrenheit. Similar to how ceramic plates are created, glass bowls are made inside of a kiln.

A Kiln is basically a furnace or oven for burning and baking or drying. They are designed 2 contain heat and reach incredibly high temperatures to mold very strong objects.

One thing you must take into consideration is the fact that there are two types of glass. There’s the regular glass and the tempered glass. Tempered glass is made to withstand high temperatures used for cooking and baking. They are incredibly resistant to heat. Tempered glass offers increased resistance to breaking in temperatures that go 482 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the normal melting point of regular glass.

If you are unsure of which glass type your bowl is made of, always check your owner’s manual. You can also look up the information online or reach out to the manufacturer.

Can you use a metal plate in an air fryer?

This will go without saying but most of the material inside of your air fryer is made of metal. Because of this oh, it’s probably obvious that if you have or own a metal plate, you can definitely put that into an air fryer and cook food in it.

Now there are quite a few different types of metals. You can have plates made of aluminum all the way up to stainless steel. Aluminum melts at 1,200 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit while stainless steel can melt once the temperature reaches 2800 degrees Fahrenheit.

The steel used to make plates are completely safe to use in air fryers. There is virtually no danger when putting metal plates into an air fryer.

The only thing you should be concerned about or keep an eye on is corrosion. Corrosion is actually a natural process that changes metal into oxide, carbonate, and sulfides.

When acidic substances are introduced to metals, rust begins to form. Rust comes from the Corrosion Of Steel after iron particles are introduced to oxygen and moisture. Since we will be cooking food on metal plates, make sure you clean and wipe off any excess food and water in a good amount of time. We suggest that you make sure 2 wash your metal plates as soon as they are used.

Can you use a plastic plate in an air fryer?

In most cases, if you were to put plastic plates into an air fryer then the likely outcome would be that it would melt. Also, there does exist something called microwavable or microwave safe Plastics. In this case, if you’re ever wondering if microwave-safe Plastics would survive in the air fryer. The answer is no. Being microwave safe does not necessarily mean heat resistant.

There are many types of different Plastics that are made in different ways. Several of them are durable while many more of them wouldn’t survive an air fryer. My recommendation is just to avoid plastic plates in your air fryer altogether. If you ignore this suggestion then get ready to clean up a huge melted mess.

Can you use a porcelain plate in an air fryer?

Porcelain plates are made in the same process as ceramic. Both tiles are made of clay and are usually created in a kiln. The difference between porcelain and ceramic is that porcelain is technically considered a subgroup of the ceramic family.

When making porcelain, they’re usually using a higher density clay and they are fired at a higher temperature than ceramic. As a result, porcelain comes out with very unique characteristics and structure. This also means that porcelain ends up being a bit denser and more durable than ceramic.

Porcelain is an acceptable material to put in the air fryer because it generally has a high melting point of 3275° Celsius and there is no way an air fryer is getting that high. If you are wondering how resistant porcelain really is, just consider the fact that they are commonly used as fake logs in fireplaces. This means that they are incredibly durable and extremely fire-resistant.

Can you put styrofoam plates in an air fryer?

The answer is a hard no to putting styrofoam materials in an air fryer. This material is in no way shape or form resistant to heat and often melts between 212 degrees Fahrenheit and 464 degrees Fahrenheit.

Air fryers are made from polystyrene.

Another reason why you don’t want to put Styrofoam inside an air fryer is the fact that it can lead to catching or releasing harmful chemicals into the food. A scientific study found that styrene concentrations were found floating inside the water at an alarming quantity when the water was heated from 24 280 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.

People who ingest too much strain can lead to central nervous system health effects that include headaches, fatigue, confusion, dizziness, drowsiness, malice, and feeling somewhat intoxicated.

Can you put paper plates in an air fryer?

It’s not recommended to put paper plates in an air fryer because they have a high chance of burning and catching fire. We all know that paper does not melt. Instead, it catches a flame and smokes.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Paper usually ignites and catches fire at 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which types of containers are the best for air frying?

The best types of containers to use in an air fryer are going to be made of ceramic, glass, or metal.

Why would you use a plate in an air fryer?

The biggest advantage to using a plate inside an air fryer is providing for easy clean-up. If you have a plate underneath the food that drips down, after your meal you can simply just pull out the plate along with the food and you would have almost no cleanup to do in the basket. I would however recommend that you rinse the basket and wipe it down dry. Don’t forget to wipe the heating element as well because there’s no avoiding getting that dirty.

What to look for when buying a container for an air fryer


Is very important to understand what the material is made out of. Different materials have different melting points. That means a certain temperature won’t affect 1 object as it does another. If object “A” has a lower melting point, while object “B” happens to have a higher melting point, then in every scenario, Object “A” will melt faster than object “B”.

Just understand that the best types of material to use in an air fryer are metal, ceramic, glass, and heat-resistant silicone.


Make sure the plate that you are buying is strong and durable. Most ceramic plates fit this description. They’re made inside of extreme heat and the densities are pretty high.

Oven/air fryer safe

If you look around, oftentimes you’ll find that a lot of silverware and plates will claim that they are microwave-safe. But, does this mean that they are air fryer safe? The answer is no. Microwave safe is not the same as air fryer safe. Air fryers work very similar to ovens and they use a heating element to cook their food. Microwaves use microwaves to cook food. There’s a very high chance that putting a microwave-safe plate into an air fryer may end up melting it.

You’ll almost rarely ever find anything that claims to say that they are air fryer safe.


It’s important to make sure that the size of your plate or pan will fit inside of an air fryer.


Capacity is also a very important part because you want to be able to put enough food into your plate and that into the basket of the air fryer.

Things you can put in an air fryer

  • Parchment paper
  • Toothpicks
  • Foil

Can you put a paper towel in an air fryer?

This is similar to the question about putting a paper plate in your air fryer. And the answer is no. Similar to paper plates, putting paper towels will be no different. There’s going to be a high chance that the paper towel will catch fire and burn. It’s best to avoid using it.

What can go wrong with plates and air fryers?

Putting the wrong material into an air fryer may cause a lot of issues and not to mention a potentially big mess to clean up. There are some materials out there that will burn inside an air fryer, Such as paper. Some materials may break and crack under heat.

If you accidentally cook a non-air fryer-approved plate, then there is a good chance that the material in the plate will melt all over the air fryer. This can further damage your air fryer and its basket.

There are also different types of plates that may Leach out chemicals that can be harmful to humans when they ingest them. Take, for example, styrofoam. You never want to put Styrofoam in an air fryer.

Things You Shouldn’t Put In Your Air Fryer

  • Water
  • Plastic
  • Sauces
  • Paper Towels

How to tell if your plate is air fryer safe?

It’s important to understand that there are ways to figure out if your plate is air fryer safe.

The first thing we would recommend is by looking at the manual. Many times it will be located under the description and properties of the product. It will tell you whether it is oven-safe or not. In this case, if it does say that it is oven safe, then it also means it is air fryer safe as well.

Sometimes the box that your plate came in will also give you a symbol that looks like an oven with a bowl inside of it. If you find something like this then chances are it is a symbol that shows the product is oven-safe.

If you’re not quite sure at all, you can always try to reach out to the manufacturer to get your answer or you can test it out yourself.

Start by putting the plate on a baking sheet that fits inside the air fryer

Fill up the baking sheet with water

Stick it into the air fryer at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes

If anything were to happen to this plate, whether it melts or breaks, then the baking sheet would be the one to capture the mess

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