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Can You Use Slow Cooker Plastic Bag Liners For Air Fryers?

For those who have often used air fryers for a long time now, you’ve probably gotten to the point where your air fryer gets so dirty during one meal that you wonder how do I make cleaning even easier?

You might have seen how slow cookers have these bags that you put food into and place it into the ceramic pot. These are called slow-cooker liners and they help keep the ceramic pot from getting food stuck on it while drastically reducing the need for cleaning it.

But now you’re wondering if you could use these slow-cooker liners in your air fryer?

This is a question we’ll be answering in this article.

Can I use a slow cooker liner inside an air fryer?

Even though slow-cooker liners are made from the same plastic as oven bags, they are generally are not acceptable to be used in an air fryer. Air fryers are capable of getting to temperatures of over 450 degrees Fahrenheit. A slow-cooker liner can only survive temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This leaves a potential for your air fryer to melt the slow-cooker liner.

Also, your air fryer is oftentimes not that big and so the heating elements are very close to the food. A slow-cooker liner May potentially burn if it is accidentally touching the heating element.

If you do want to use a slow-cooker liner inside an air fryer, then we recommend keeping the temperature range for most air fryers between 86 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This will keep the temperature way below the melting point of the nylon resin that makes up the slow-cooker liner.

Why would I use slow cooker liners?

Slow-cooker liners are basically plastic bags that can withstand a high ° of heat. The main use of these bags is to keep the bowl or ceramic pot of the slow cooker from getting dirty. It helps save time because you don’t have to end up cleaning that heavy Bowl after the end of every meal. You just need to throw the bag away.

Less clean up

Bear in mind that using a slow-cooker liner helps separate the food from the actual ceramic crock pot. When you’re done with cooking the food, you simply pool the bag out of the crock pot and throw it away. There is virtually no need to clean your Crock-Pot afterward because the food never ended up touching it.

This saves the cook and cleaner a whole lot of time because they don’t have to clean the pot.

It keeps the moisture in

If you’re ever thinking of using the slow-cooker liner and tying up the end, then you will be able to seal in the moisture and not allow it to escape. This will keep your food nice and juicy.

There’s no health risk as long as you use it properly

Remember, these liners will melt at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. As long as you stay under 300 degrees Fahrenheit then you should be fine. In order to play it safe, we always recommend that the maximum temperature you bring your air fryer to is 300 degrees Fahrenheit. And also, make sure that you hold the plastic down so that it does not touch the heating element. You can do this with racks or play something heavy on top of the bag.

What’s a substitute for a slow cooker liner for use in an air fryer?

If you’re not comfortable with using slow-cooker liners or just can’t base on our temperature recommendations then there are several alternatives you can choose from.

1. Baking paper/parchment paper

Baking paper and parchment paper are almost the same things. These types of paper are made with wax and can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that they should have no problem in an air fryer. The only bad thing about this is that parchment paper is literally flat just like paper. So, it might be a little difficult to keep all your food in without making a mess.

2. Baking foil/aluminum foil

The melting point of aluminum foil is 1221 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it virtually impossible to burn or melt in an air fryer. In fact, the benefit of using aluminum foil is that sometimes they make these aluminum foils in two trays which you can use to hold your food without any spillage in the air fryer.

3. Apply some oil to the pot

Another method is applying a little bit of oil to the basket. Applying boil to the basket will create as non-stick layer on your air fryer basket. This will allow you to easily wipe off food and remnants of food that fall to the bottom.

4. Silicon liner

Silicone liners are generally safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. These things are great because they are reusable and all you have to do is wash them off after every meal. The only drawback here is some silicone light liners don’t cover up everything and sometimes juices and food might leak through the holes

Who should use slow cooker liners?

Slow cooker liners are used in slow cookers to help food not adhere to the inner surface. They can also be useful when cooking with air fryer baskets and other insert pans that have a non-stick coating, as they will prevent foods from sticking.

Slow-cooker liners are also beneficial for people who have trouble cleaning dishes.

1. People who can’t use their hands

These are the type of people who have issues with maybe their health. Cleaning trays in racks may be too difficult.

2. People with tight schedules

These types of people just don’t have time to be cleaning. Even though cleaning an air fryer is very easy, it can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes.

3. People who dislike washing dishes

Using slow-cooker liners is great for people who just don’t want to hand wash their dishes. They just want to be able to cook the meal and then throw away the rest.

4. People looking to reduce the risk of contracting germs

Putting your food inside a liner helps protect it against the environment. It also heats up whatever is inside the bag basically killing everything.

Do slow cooker liners leach chemicals when used under high heat?

Slow cooker liners are not biodegradable, reusable, or recyclable. Slow cooker bags are made of plastic and need to be heavy-duty in order to withstand high heat. This is because slow cookers can get very hot and could leach chemicals into food under these extreme conditions.

However, the liner should be safe if you don’t use it for too long at a time and follow the instructions on how to clean it after each use.

Nylon resin which is what the slow-cooker liners are usually made of is safe for use up to 400 ºF (204 ºC), and studies have shown that 95% of plastic products leach chemicals that imitate estrogen in our body. The biggest concern with this is the fact that these chemicals make us susceptible to cancer and other health problems.. Nylon, on the other hand, has been tested at a temperature range from -40ºF (-40 ° C) to 248° F (120 ° C). Studies found almost all plastics released harmful chemicals above that temperature range.

What are the risks of BPA in slow cooker liners?

BPA exposure is sometimes a concern because it can cause brain and prostate issues in fetuses and children. It has also been linked to hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

People should avoid using plastic cooking accessories with their food especially those in tupperware and slow-cooker liners. Some Plastics actually contain BPA which stands for bisphenol-a. With enough heat applied to the Plastics, BPA can potentially leach out into the food you eat.

This is not the first time that slow cooker liners have been questioned. The chemicals in them can leach into food, meaning they are toxic to your health and potentially harmful for you as well.

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