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Cuisinart Coffee Maker Settings and Controls (Things You Didn’t Know EXPLAINED!)

Cuisinart coffee makers are a great choice for anyone looking to brew a delicious cup of coffee.

But what if you need to make a large pot of coffee for an office meeting? Or what if you want to try out some new settings on your Cuisinart?

Here’s a guide to the different settings and controls you can use with your Cuisinart coffee maker.

1-4 cup brew functions

The Cuisinart coffee maker has a few different brew settings and functions that are great if you are trying to get a machine that you can pretty much totally personalize.

The Brew Functions button is the first setting you need to be aware of.

This button is going to change how long the coffee maker brews for and how many cups it makes.

You can choose from 1 to 4 cups of coffee, depending on how much you are going to drink and how much you want to be brewed.

The hour and minute buttons

These are going to be used for both sets you want to press and hold that button until the display clock says it starts flashing continuously. the time and help set the auto-off and auto-on features of your machine. To set the time on your Cuisinart Coffee Maker:

  1. Press the hour button twice (or you can even try to hold it down) so that the display flashes.
  2. Enter the hour and the minutes then press any button to leave the time set menu.
  3. If you want to set a timer, press the hour button twice then the delay button.
  4. Set the hours and minutes you want for your timer.
  5. Wait five seconds and the timer will be set.

Clock display

This is a very important part of your machine. The clock display also corresponds with all the programming-related functions, such as the auto-on and auto-off features.

When we set a feature that involves a time setting, it will source the clock.

You can customize it to the time that you want, and it is also going to be used for things like timers and auto on/off functions.

When you want to set the time on your clock display, you are going to have to press and hold either the hour button or the minute button.

You can begin by pressing the hour button. It’s usually the one labeled “hour.” You want to press and hold that button until the display clock says it starts flashing continuously.

Once it starts flashing, let go of it and press it again to change the time one hour forward. You just need to keep pressing the power button once for every additional hour.

When you’re done, just pause for a little bit. The display will stop flashing, and the Cuisinart coffee maker will say that it is done on its own.

Next, you’re going to want to change the minute hand. It’s the same method as the hour button. You just have to press and hold the minute hand, and then press the minute hand to add additional minutes to the time.

Once you’re done, just leave it alone, and it will stop flashing and save you time.

Function knob/button

Most modern Cuisinart coffee makers now come with a function knob or button.

This knob or button is what you turn to access a huge range of different programs that you might want to use with your machine.

There are five different functions on a basic Cuisinart coffee maker that you can access with the knob or button.

Twist the knob to access the five functions:

auto on, program, clock, brew, and auto off.

Some models will have a dedicated button for the carafe temperature.

  • Auto-on allows you to set a timer to turn the machine on.
  • The program option allows you to set your brew preferences.
  • The clock allows you to set your clock.
  • Brew allows you to start the brewing process
  • Auto-off allows you to set your auto-off timer

On/off button

This button does more than just turn your machine on and off. It can also be used to help access the other programable features of the machine.

The on and off buttons help to set and use these programs:

  • Auto off and on
  • Programming the automatic queues
  • Setting the clock
  • Setting brew cycles
  • Setting the time and more

Carafe temperature knob/button

Once your coffee drips into the carafe, it’ll likely be as hot as 200 degrees Fahrenheit or less. That’s as hot as these models usually get when heating the water alone.

The temperature should remain stable at around 190 degrees Fahrenheit for as long as 30 minutes or so, but if you want it to last longer, you’ll need to take control of the carafe’s temperature knob or button.

If your Cuisinart comes with a knob, you’ll find your carafe in the settings menu. If it comes with a dedicated carafe temperature button, it’s as simple as tapping on it and changing it.

You’ll have the option of low, medium, or high. A low carafe temperature is usually around 160 degrees Fahrenheit, a medium at around 170, and a high at around 180.

This knob or button is what you are going to use to help keep your coffee warm when you are not drinking it. You can also use it to help set the auto-off and auto-on functions.

Generally speaking, if you configure your carafe’s temperature knob or button, you should get a good 4 hours of additional protection against it cooling down.

This knob or button can help set your carafe temperature to low, medium, or high and is necessary if you are not going to drink all your coffee at once and you want to keep it warm before you drink it.

After 4 hours, you might want to toss out the remaining coffee because, as the coffee sits over the heat, the caffeine is constantly being oxidized and your coffee will slowly lose its wake-me-up potential.

Water dispenser

The dispenser is not going to work if it is not closed tightly.

If you’re having trouble brewing with your Cuisinart, this is one of the most common causes.

The reason for this is to prevent someone from getting scalded or burned by water that has been dispensed before the system is fully closed.

The coffee maker will not heat or dispense water until the lid of the reservoir and the lid of the coffee maker are both closed fully.

Water-ready indicator

This is going to be the light that comes on when the water has been heated to the temperature that you have set on the programs.

This light will not come on when the machine is first turned on.

It does take a few minutes for the water to be drawn into the machine and for it to go through the heating cycle so that it is going to be hot enough to brew.

Add water indicator

This is the light that comes on when the machine does not have enough water to go through a full cycle.

The light will come on when the water level is below what you have selected in the menu or when it is less than the minimum that the machine can brew.

Sometimes the light will turn on even though your water tank is full. To troubleshoot something like this, try readjusting the water reservoir.

Cuisinart coffee makers will have a water sensor that tells the machine when it needs water.

Depending on the Cuisinart coffee maker model you own, it is likely that it employs a reed switch that detects signals when the water level reaches a certain minimum.

Another popular sensor is known as the photoelectric integrated liquid level sensor. It uses infrared to shine a diode at a receiver.

When the tank is empty or the water level is at a certain point in the tank, the light gets reflected into the receiver, telling the machine that there’s not enough water in the tank.

This lights up the “add water” indicator light.

These sensors work with the pump and the machine to let them know if they should brew or not.

So if there are any issues, try to readjust the water reservoir. Identify where the sensor is and try to remove any obstructions if there are any.

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