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Does Microwaving Sweet Potatoes Destroy Nutrients? (Here’s What EXACTLY Happens!)

Have you ever wondered whether microwaving sweet potatoes destroys their nutrients?

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about what happens when you microwave sweet potatoes, but we’re here to help you figure out the truth.

Does microwaving sweet potatoes destroy the nutrients?

It’s a common question: Does microwaving sweet potatoes destroy their nutrients?

Some people are concerned that microwaving can make certain foods lose their nutritional value. Let’s take a look at how the microwave works, and how it affects different types of food.

When you heat up food in the microwave, it is actually cooked by radio waves. These radio waves cause the water molecules in your food to vibrate rapidly, which generates heat.

This process doesn’t damage any of the nutrients in your food! At least not directly.

Here is an example: say you’re cooking sweet potatoes in the microwave. The microwaves cause water molecules inside your sweet potato to vibrate, so they generate heat—and that’s what cooks your sweet potato!

As long as you don’t overheat your food (and keep it in there for too long), then microwaving shouldn’t make any difference at all to how nutritious it is—the water molecules will still be doing their thing!

The effect of microwaving on sweet potatoes

Microwaving your sweet potatoes can be a quick and easy way to cook them. It can also preserve the nutrients in your sweet potatoes, but you do need to be careful.

The reason microwaving is an option is because it heats food quickly and at low temperatures. That’s good news because it means less damage to the nutrients in your sweet potatoes.

However, there are some things to watch out for when microwaving sweet potatoes.

The most important thing is to make sure that you don’t over-microwave your sweet potatoes. This can cause them to dry out and lose some of their nutrients. If you’re not sure how long is too long, start with a shorter time and then add more time if needed.

Another thing you should consider before microwaving your sweet potatoes is to cut them into smaller pieces. This will help them cook faster.

Sweet potatoes are a good source of fiber, potassium, and vitamin A. They also have a low glycemic index, which means they won’t spike your blood sugar levels as high-glycemic foods do.

When you microwave sweet potatoes, the heat causes the water molecules in the food to vibrate. This creates friction, which breaks down the cell walls and releases nutrients into the water.

However, this also destroys many of the vitamins and minerals that are found in sweet potatoes.

Ultimately,  microwaving sweet potatoes may cause some minor nutritional loss. Depending on how long you cook the sweet potato for, the heating process can destroy some of the nutrients in the sweet potato, but it’s not clear how much is lost.

Evidence suggests that microwaving reduces the amount of vitamin B6 in sweet potatoes by approximately 5 to 25% by one hour after cooking.

This can be offset by eating more sweet potatoes as part of a varied diet and taking a daily multivitamin pill with vitamin B6 to make up for any shortfall caused by microwaving.

In normal situations, the amount of nutrients that are lost isn’t considered to be significant or even important. Not when you’re comparing it to something like boiling.

Benefits of microwaving sweet potatoes

1. Microwave cooking is faster

The benefits of microwaving sweet potatoes are many, but one of the most important is that it’s faster than other cooking methods.

You can have your sweet potatoes ready to eat in as little as five minutes or so, and you don’t need to wait for the water to boil or other foods to cook before you can eat them.

2. Retains the nutritional benefits

When sweet potatoes are microwaved, they retain many of their nutrients. This is due to the fact that microwaving does not require the use of water or other liquids, which can leach out nutrients.

Additionally, microwaving helps to preserve the natural sugars in sweet potatoes, making them a healthier option than other methods of cooking.

3. Doesn’t affect the flavor or texture

When you cook sweet potatoes in the microwave, the flavor and texture are not affected. This is because microwaving doesn’t involve direct heating, which can damage the water-soluble vitamins and affect the flavor.

4. Requires less preparation

Microwaving sweet potatoes is a fast and easy way to prepare them. It requires less preparation than baking, boiling, or roasting.

You don’t need to worry about cleaning up any messes afterward. All you have to do is poke some holes in the potato and pop it in the microwave for a few minutes—then it’s ready to eat!

How to microwave sweet potatoes without losing nutrients

Sweet potatoes are incredibly nutritious and good for us. Making sure that you are following the proper steps when microwaving them is going to help keep their nutrients and help make them tasty at the same time.

  1. Wash your sweet potato well. The skin is edible and has tons of nutrients, so make sure you get it clean.
  2. Make puncture holes so that your sweet potato can vent.
  3. Microwave for five minutes on high and then allow it to sit for a couple of minutes or until it is cool enough to handle.
  4. Poke to see if it is cooked through, if it is not, put it back in for another minute.

What are the healthiest methods for cooking sweet potatoes?

There are three healthy ways to cook sweet potatoes: oven, boiling, or microwaving. All methods result in sweet potatoes that are cooked evenly and without added sugar.

How long does it take for sweet potato in the microwave?

Sweet potatoes should be microwaved for four to five minutes, depending on their size. Start on the short side and cook in short bursts until the potato is done.

Be flexible when microwaving sweet potatoes, depending on their size.

Boiling vs baking vs steaming vs microwaving sweet potatoes


Of all the methods of cooking your sweet potatoes, boiling is what is going to remove the second nutrient.

Boiling them also lowers their glycemic index so if you are a diabetic, this might be the best way for you to eat them without getting a spike.

Boiling leaches the nutrients into the water but it does not take all the nutrients. All in all, boiling a sweet potato is still going to get you a pretty healthy sweet potato.


Baking is the way that is going to lose you the most nutrients. Baking can destroy up to 80% of the nutrients that are in your sweet potato including vitamin A.

Baking does make for some tasty potatoes, but the prolonged amount of time that the vegetable is in the oven is what destroys the nutrients.


With steaming, you are losing about 20% of the nutritional value that the vegetable had before you put it into steam.

As opposed to the 30% that they lose with boiling, this is a pretty good trade-off.

You can get fluffy sweet potatoes that are great for mashing or any other food prep by steaming them first.


Microwaving is not going to remove any of the nutrients from your sweet potato, but it may change the texture.

It is a quick way to cook an otherwise long-cooking vegetable.

The microwave is going to be a fast and simple way to microwave your sweet potato without losing a ton of nutrients or destroying the nutritional value of the potato.

Tips on how to cook your sweet potatoes in a microwave

There are some tips you can follow to help cook your sweet potato in the microwave better.

  • Wash your potato thoroughly. You can eat the skin, making sure it is clean makes it easier to eat it after you have it cooked.
  • Make sure you poke enough holes in the potato before cooking. This allows steam to escape from the potato and makes it a little bit safer to cook.
  • You can wrap your potato in a damp paper towel to help keep the skin moist and to help with the cooking process.
  • Make sure you place your potato on a microwave-safe plate.
  • Microwave on high for five minutes and let it sit for a few minutes. This is going to make it safer for you to handle it, if you grab it right out of the microwave you will get burned.
  • Do the poke test and if it is not soft enough, put it back in for another minute until the desired texture is reached.

Do microwaving sweet potatoes change their taste and texture?

Microwaving sweet potatoes will definitely change their texture. The starch in the potato gets gelatinized when you microwave it.

If you microwave your sweet potatoes just right, they will retain their flavor and sweetness.

Additionally, microwaving helps to make sweet potatoes tender without making them mushy.

This means that the texture of microwaved sweet potatoes is much softer than that of boiled or baked sweet potatoes.

But does microwaving affect their taste?

It depends on how long you microwave them. If you microwave for too long, then yes—the taste will be affected because some of the nutrients will be lost through heating over time.

Overall, microwaving is a good way to cook sweet potatoes and mash them if desired… just as long as you don’t overdo it.

How many calories are in a microwaved sweet potato?

Microwaved sweet potatoes contain approximately 114 calories and 0.07 grams of fat in 1 cup size. These are low in calories and have no fat. This makes them a healthy option for those looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Should you microwave whole sweet potatoes or cut them

You can microwave whole sweet potatoes and cut up sweet potatoes.

It really is a personal preference. If you want to avoid crusty edged, it is going to be best to microwave the potato whole, if you do not care or if you have a particularly large potato, you may want to cut it up.

If you are cooking it whole, you can put a little bit of oil on the skin and you will get great, crispy skin.

Microwaving a sweet potato that has been cut up is going to get you tender centers but dried up outsides, which is not very appealing.

If you are looking to cook smaller pieces, an air fryer is a great way to cook smaller pieces and get crispy outsides instead of dried-out edges. You can also air fry a whole sweet potato if you prefer.

Can you microwave sweet potatoes in a Ziploc bag?

You can microwave your sweet potato in a Ziploc bag and it will create a steamer bag of sorts. The thing with this method is that you do need to make sure you do not close the bag entirely. If you do, you may end up with an exploding bag in your microwave.

To microwave your sweet potatoes in a Ziploc bag:

  • Wash your potatoes thoroughly.
  • Place a damp paper towel in the bottom of a Ziploc and add your potato
  • Do not close the bag entirely
  • Microwave on high for five minutes then let sit.
  • Check softness to see if they are soft enough

Why do sweet potatoes spark in the microwave?

Potatoes sometimes have minerals and metals found inside of them. These objects reach in a microwave creating something known as an “arcing effect.”

This effect creates a spark that comes from the microwave reflecting and bouncing off the metal.

If you find this happening, you might want to stop microwaving it and instead cook it using a different method.

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