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Is It Okay to Put an Air Fryer on a Stove?

Is it okay to put an air fryer on a stove?

No. It will never be OK to place any kitchen appliance, such as an air fryer, on a stove, whether it’s on or off. The problem here is that you or someone you know may accidentally turn on the stove and melt your air fryer. This may result in a completely damaged air fryer, a kitchen that reeks of burnt plastic, smoke everywhere, or worse, it could cause a fire.

Reasons why it is not a good idea to put an air fryer on a stove

The heat from the stove can easily damage the electronic components inside the air fryer. That’s because the maximum temperature that a burner can reach on a kitchen stove is between 1420 and 1650 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures can basically burn anything, especially an air fryer.

Reason 1: Someone can accidentally turn the stove top on

If you have an air fryer sitting on a stove heating element, then this is maybe a real cause for concern. Take for example, if you or someone you live with is cooking something that requires high heat like meat or eggs, then it’s possible for someone to turn the burner on without realizing that the air fryer is sitting on that particular element.

Let’s take another example. Let’s say you have children at home. Children don’t always take into consideration a lot of things regarding the safety so they would probably not know what the knobs on a stove made two. If the air fryer was sitting on the stove, and the child had turned on one of the elements, then there’s hi chance that it will burn and melt the air fryer. It could even cause a fire. Hadn’t been anything on the stove and the heating element was just burning are, then there’s a much lower percent chance that there will be a fire before you get the chance to find out.

Really, anything can happen and we always recommend that it’s best not to put anything on top of your stove.

Reason 2: The bottom of your air fryer will melt

We’ve heard stories about how the bottom of an air fryer owners air fryer would completely melt through only because they’ve accidentally left their air fryer on top of the stove. Fortunately, some of these people have lived to tell the tale.

Just check out some of the articles on Reddit. These people literally take pictures of the bottom of their air fryer completely melted off. It’s a scary sight in really something you would never want to see happened to you personally.

The bottom of an air fryer is usually going to be made out of plastic and if not the feet will be for sure. Whether your air fryer is made of plastic or metal all the way around, it can still get damaged by a extreme heat. Air fryers are built to contain heat within the chamber but they aren’t necessarily built to withstand heat outside in the environment.

They would be a high probability that the circuit board would fry if anything were to happen to its exterior shell.

Reason 3: The melted plastic can get stuck into your stove top

After your air fryer has melted, where do you think the plastic goes? If you have one of those gas stoves then unfortunately the plastic will melt and solidify all over the grooves and the crevices of your gas pipes. There would be no easy way to get rid of this.

You may end up spending several hours scraping the plastic off and hoping that it doesn’t get caught in any of the pipes.

Reason 4: It can cause a fire

This is the worst case scenario. The part that may endanger someone’s life. If the air fryer is left on the stove for long enough, it will not only melt, it will not only smell really bad, but eventually it will start a fire.

Once the flame ignites and the fire is set loose in your kitchen there will be little to no chance you could take it down. Throwing water add a flame may not be a good idea because it will cause the fire to react and become even more violent.

If the fire becomes too big to handle then we recommend that you leave the house and call 911 for a fire truck immediately. If you think you can handle it, and it’s small enough to be put out then the best course of action may be to cover it up with any type of container that will block off its access to oxygen.

Oxygen is usually what keeps flames alive.

Reason 5: You’ll have to buy a new one

Unfortunately, depending on how severe the damage is oh, you may have to end up buying a brand new air fryer. That’s money out of your pocket that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Air fryers can cost anywhere from a really cheap one around $50 to a high-end expensive one at around $300. It all depends on what you lost and how you want to replace it.

Not everyone has that kind of money to spare. The mistake of leaving your air fryer on the stove and potentially destroying it is a costly one.

Reason 6: You kitchen will smell of burnt plastic

A lot of the people who experienced destroying there are fire on top of a stove have also mentioned the fact that the smell of plastic engulfs the entire kitchen and even the entire house. This isn’t a smell that you can easily get rid of.

B would be to open up all the doors and windows that you possibly can and let the smell seep its way out naturally. Turn on some ceiling fans and let it run for several hours.

According to the people who or involved in these disasters, the lingering smell of plastic remained for several days after the incident. It’s definitely not pleasant.

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