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Can Air Fryers Dry Out Food? Why It Happens And Steps to Prevent It

An air fryer is used to cook food by using heated air instead of cooking oil.

But what exactly happens when you turn on an air fryer? And how does it dry out your food?

We’re here to answer all those questions and more, so keep reading!

Can air fryers dry out food?

Yes. Air fryers can definitely dry out your food. Much like in a convection oven, the air circulates throughout the fryer in an air fryer instead of having the heat rise from the bottom. Similar to how high winds can dry out your lips and make them chapped, the constant air movement will dry out your food.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you add a lot of heat and start to boil water? When you add a ton of heat to water, the water molecules begin to move really quickly and collide with each other. This is why you see a lot of bubbling. At some point in time, the water molecules will begin to lift up into the air, a process known as evaporation. This is basically the Lost of water that you most likely will see when cooking food.

It’s something that happens in an air fryer as well. The high heat coming from the circulated air will eventually pull the water out of your food and it becomes a mist. This is why sometimes the food from your air fryer comes out dry.

Can you wrap my air-fried food completely in aluminum foil to prevent it from drying?

You can wrap air-dried food completely in foil to prevent it from drying out. The moisture and heat will get trapped inside. It is recommended to do this with skinless or boneless foods since the skin and bone are used to trap moisture. The food will not only cook evenly, but it will preserve your food and keep it warm. Your food will also smell terrific if you wrap it in aluminum foil.

Tinfoil is safe to use in an air fryer. It stops the oils from escaping out of food and keeps them inside longer, resulting in less drying time.

Why is your air-fried food coming out dry?

Your air-dried food could come out dry for a variety of different reasons. Skinless and boneless meats will dry out because the skin traps moisture. Some vegetables put into the air fryer lack natural oils and fats, and they will end up drying out as well. If you are looking to dehydrate food in your air fryer, the temperature to achieve the loss of moisture is 130 degrees Fahrenheit or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also possible that you are cooking on low heat for an extended period of time. This is a way to dry out food in an air fryer.

Cooking on low heat with a long cooking time will dry your meal

Cooking on low heat for a long time in your air fryer will dry out your food. Many people who are looking to make jerky or other or dehydrate spices will put their air fryer on low heat for a long time. If you do not wrap your food in aluminum foil, then you will lose a lot of moisture during this process. If you want to make a dish like beef jerky, you will want to cook on low heat for a long time as jerky is a dried meat dish.

You are reheating your food too much with an air fryer

You can re-heat your food in an air dryer, but you are risking drying out your food by doing so. That is why it is advisable to re-heat just a tiny portion of your leftovers at a time to avoid constantly re-heating them. If you always keep re-heating the entire dish, it will be as dry as a bone by the time you finish eating it. Each time you use an air fryer to re-heat a meal, the constant air circulation will dry it out. It is also recommended to re-heat at a low temperature to avoid drying out.

Avoid air frying food that has been frozen for too long

You should avoid air frying food that has been frozen for an extended period of time. The reason for avoiding this is that all food contains water. Freezer burn may occur when you leave frozen foods in the freezer for too long. This process leaves your food without any moisture. Freezer burn occurs when air reaches the food and moisture escapes. Since air frying your food dries it out, it is not advisable to air fry food that has been frozen for too long. The FDA says that frozen meat and seafood should stay in the freezer for approximately six to twelve months. Ground beef and ground poultry are supposed to be kept in the freezer for three to four months.

Tips on what you can do with your air fryer to prevent dry food?

Below you’ll find a list of everything we came up with to help you prevent your food from drying in the air fryer.

You can try marinating it

Marinating your food is a good idea to allow the flavors and moisture to stay in. Marinating skinless meats is a great idea to trap moisture without having to use aluminum foil. The marinade works as a barrier to trap moisture, much like the skin would. You can marinate your meat for days prior to cooking it or do it immediately before cooking. The main ingredient in the marinade should be olive oil, as that is what is used to coat the meat. You can just brush the meat with olive oil. Also, you can add additives like garlic, salt, pepper, or honey to the oil.

Add oil with an oil mister

You can also add oil to your food with an oil mister. An oil mister is a small canister that can be filled with any type of oil. Many people add olive oil to their oil mister, but coconut oil or almond oil will work as well. Sometimes, when adding oil to meats, people can add too much. That is why an oil mister is a perfect accessory for an air fryer. It provides just a tiny amount with each spritz of the misting bottle. You can also measure your oil by using a teaspoon or tablespoon. Extra virgin olive oil is the best oil to use when marinating your meat before putting it in the air fryer. Using oil on your food will also make your meal nice and crispy.

Don’t add too much oil

Don’t add too much oil into your mixture or it will drip off during cooking this also means that a smaller amount of liquid works better for air frying as well as baking with no need for extra ingredients like egg yolks or buttermilk.

Avoid over seasoning

Don’t use too many ingredients, as they will all dry out the food and cause it to get overcooked or burned on one side.

Keep the temperature at medium when baking

Keep your air fryer at a medium temperature so that you avoid drying out baked goods. Cooking your food too quickly will result in a hard exterior and a liquid interior. However, if you cook too slowly, you risk drying out your baked goods completely. Make sure you find a middle ground, as we always recommend when baking, set your temperature to medium.

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