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Can I Use My Air Fryer Internationally? (Lists Of Countries And Voltages)

If you ever find yourself traveling to another country for a long period of time, you probably considered taking your air fryer with you.

But the problem here is, electrical appliances have certain restrictions allowing them only to be used in the US and not other countries. The US has a standard plug type called A and B, while other countries have their own standards anywhere from plug type A to O.

It’s important that you understand the difference between these different plugs and how they will affect your air fryer.

Can you use an air fryer internationally?

Sure you can. However, a few setbacks will require you to know the standard voltage regulations of the residence you’re staying at. A US air fryer works on 110V. Whereas other countries can have voltage ranges of anywhere between 110 to 240 volts.

If you don’t properly adjust for the difference, you can potentially cause the motor to burn or cause an electrical fire.

List of countries with different plugs, sockets, and voltages

LocationPlug typeVoltage
Abu DhabiG230 V
AfghanistanC / F220 V
AlbaniaC / F230 V
AlgeriaC / F230 V
American SamoaA / B / F / I120 V
AndorraC / F230 V
AngolaC / F220 V
AnguillaA / B110 V
Antigua and BarbudaA / B230 V
ArgentinaC / I220 V
ArmeniaC / F230 V
ArubaA / B / F120 V
AustraliaI230 V (240 V)
AustriaC / F230 V
AzerbaijanC / F220 V
AzoresA / B / C / F230 V
BahamasA / B120 V
BahrainG230 V
Balearic IslandsC / F230 V
BangladeshA / C / D / G220 V
BarbadosA / B115 V
BelarusC / F220 V
BelgiumC / E230 V
BelizeA / B / G110 V / 220 V
BeninC / E220 V
BermudaA / B120 V
BhutanC / D / G230 V
BoliviaA / C230 V
BonaireA / C127 V
Bosnia & HerzegovinaC / F230 V
BotswanaD / G230 V
BrazilC / N127 V / 220 V
British Virgin IslandsA / B110 V
BruneiG240 V
BulgariaC / F230 V
Burkina FasoC / E220 V
BurmaA / C / D / G / I230 V
BurundiC / E220 V
CambodiaA / C / G230 V
CameroonC / E220 V
CanadaA / B120 V
Canary IslandsC / E / F230 V
Cape VerdeC / F230 V
Cayman IslandsA / B120 V
Central African RepublicC / E220 V
ChadC / E / F220 V
Channel IslandsC / G230 V
ChileC / L220 V
China, People’s Republic ofA / C / I220 V
Christmas IslandI230 V
Cocos IslandsI230 V
ColombiaA / B110 V
ComorosC / E220 V
Congo-BrazzavilleC / E230 V
Congo-KinshasaC / E220 V
Cook IslandsI240 V
Costa RicaA / B120 V
CroatiaC / F230 V
CubaA / B / C / L110 V / 220 V
CuraçaoA / B127 V
CyprusG230 V
Cyprus, NorthG230 V
Czech RepublicC / E230 V
Côte d’IvoireC / E220 V
DenmarkC / E / F / K230 V
DjiboutiC / E220 V
DominicaD / G230 V
Dominican RepublicA / B / C120 V
DubaiG230 V
East TimorC / E / F / I220 V
EcuadorA / B120 V
EgyptC / F220 V
El SalvadorA / B120 V
EnglandG230 V
Equatorial GuineaC / E220 V
EritreaC / L230 V
EstoniaC / F230 V
EthiopiaC / F / G220 V
Faeroe IslandsC / E / F / K230 V
Falkland IslandsG240 V
FijiI240 V
FinlandC / F230 V
FranceC / E230 V
French GuianaC / E230 V
French PolynesiaC / E220 V
GabonC / E220 V
GambiaG230 V
Gaza StripC / H230 V
GeorgiaC / F220 V
GermanyC / F230 V
GhanaD / G230 V
GibraltarG230 V
Great BritainG230 V
GreeceC / F230 V
GreenlandC / E / F / K230 V
GrenadaG230 V
GuadeloupeC / E230 V
GuamA / B110 V
GuatemalaA / B120 V
GuineaC / F220 V
Guinea-BissauC / E / F220 V
GuyanaA / B / D / G120 V / 240 V
HaitiA / B110 V
HollandC / F230 V
HondurasA / B120 V
Hong KongG220 V
HungaryC / F230 V
IcelandC / F230 V
IndiaC / D / M230 V
IndonesiaC / F230 V
IranC / F230 V
IraqC / D / G230 V
IrelandG230 V
Ireland, NorthernG230 V
Isle of ManC / G230 V
IsraelC / H230 V
ItalyC / F / L230 V
JamaicaA / B110 V
JapanA / B100 V
JordanC / D / F / G / J230 V
KazakhstanC / F220 V
KenyaG24k0 V
KiribatiI240 V
Korea, NorthC / F220 V
Korea, SouthC / F220 V
KosovoC / F230 V
KuwaitG240 V
KyrgyzstanC / F220 V
LaosA / B / C / E / F230 V
LatviaC / F230 V
LebanonC / D / G230 V
LesothoM220 V
LiberiaA / B / C / F120 V / 220 V
LibyaC / L230 V
LiechtensteinC / J230 V
LithuaniaC / F230 V
LuxembourgC / F230 V
MacauG220 V
Macedonia, NorthC / F230 V
MadagascarC / E220 V
MadeiraC / F230 V
MalawiG230 V
MalaysiaG230 V (240 V)
MaldivesC / D / G / L230 V
MaliC / E220 V
MaltaG230 V
Marshall IslandsA / B120 V
MartiniqueC / E230 V
MauritaniaC / E / F220 V
MauritiusC / G230 V
Mayotte C / E230 V
MexicoA / B127 V
Micronesia A / B120 V
MoldovaC / F230 V
MonacoC / E / F230 V
MongoliaC / F230 V
MontenegroC / F230 V
MontserratA / B230 V
MoroccoC / E220 V
MozambiqueC / F / M220 V
Myanmar A / C / D / G / I230 V
NamibiaD / M220 V
NauruI240 V
NepalC / D / M230 V
NetherlandsC / F230 V
New CaledoniaC / E220 V
New ZealandI230 V
NicaraguaA / B120 V
NigerC / D / E220 V
NigeriaD / G230 V
NiueI230 V
Norfolk IslandI230 V
North CyprusG230 V
North KoreaC / F220 V
North MacedoniaC / F230 V
Northern IrelandG230 V
NorwayC / F230 V
OmanG240 V
PakistanC / D230 V
PalauA / B120 V
PalestineC / H230 V
PanamaA / B120 V
Papua New GuineaI240 V
ParaguayA / C220 V
PeruA / B / C220 V
PhilippinesA / B / C220 V
Pitcairn IslandsI230 V
PolandC / E230 V
PortugalC / F230 V
Puerto RicoA / B120 V
QatarG240 V
RomaniaC / F230 V
RussiaC / F220 V
RwandaC / E / F / G230 V
RéunionC / E230 V
SabaA / B110 V
Saint Barthélemy C / E230 V
Saint HelenaG230 V
Saint Kitts and NevisD / G230 V
Saint LuciaG230 V
Saint Martin C / E220 V
Saint Pierre and MiquelonC / E230 V
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesA / B / G110 V / 230 V
SamoaI230 V
San MarinoC / F / L230 V
Saudi ArabiaG220 V
ScotlandG230 V
SenegalC / D / E230 V
SerbiaC / F230 V
SeychellesG240 V
Sierra LeoneD / G230 V
SingaporeG230 V
Sint EustatiusA / B / C / F110 V / 220 V
Sint MaartenA / B110 V
SlovakiaC / E230 V
SloveniaC / F230 V
Solomon IslandsG / I230 V
SomaliaG220 V
Somaliland G220 V
South AfricaC / M / N230 V
South KoreaC / F220 V
South SudanC / D230 V
SpainC / F230 V
Sri LankaG230 V
SudanC / D230 V
Suriname A / B / C / F127 V / 220 V
SwazilandM230 V
SwedenC / F230 V
SwitzerlandC / J230 V
SyriaC / E / L220 V
São Tomé and PríncipeC / F230 V
TahitiC / E220 V
TaiwanA / B110 V
TajikistanC / F220 V
TanzaniaD / G230 V
ThailandA / B / C / O230 V
TogoC / E220 V
TokelauI230 V
TongaI240 V
Trinidad & TobagoA / B115 V
TunisiaC / E230 V
TurkeyC / F230 V
TurkmenistanC / F220 V
Turks and Caicos IslandsA / B120 V
TuvaluI230 V
UgandaG240 V
UkraineC / F230 V
United Arab EmiratesG230 V
United KingdomG230 V
United States of AmericaA / B120 V
United States Virgin IslandsA / B110 V
UruguayC / F / L220 V
UzbekistanC / F220 V
VanuatuI230 V
Vatican CityC / F / L230 V
VenezuelaA / B120 V
VietnamA / B / C220 V
Virgin Islands (British)A / B110 V
Virgin Islands (USA)A / B110 V
WalesG230 V
Wallis and Futuna C / E220 V
West BankC / H230 V
Western SaharaC / E220 V
YemenA / D / G230 V
ZambiaC / D / G230 V
ZimbabweD / G230 V
List of international countries, the outlet plug types, and voltage ranges

Some electronics can achieve dual voltage options

Some air fryers are made with the ability to work with two different types of voltages. Take, for example, an appliance that can be used on anything between 110 V and 240 V ranges.

We recommend that you reach out to the manufacturer of your air fryer and ask whether your particular model has dual voltage features.

What options do you have if you want to bring your own air fryer to another country?

Buy an international travel plug adapter for temporary use only

Most residential and commercial buildings will have a breaker box with a grounding system. In this case, it may be okay to use an international travel plug adapter. However, to be frank, we don’t recommend using a travel adapter for a long period of time.

This should only be used temporarily because it could trip the breaker box or, in the worst-case scenario, cause a fire.

Invest in a surge protector to help avoid electrical overload

Surge protectors have the ability to move an electrical current in the outlet to different appliances that are plugged into a single power strip. If the voltage happens to go over the amount available, then the protector will divert that energy into the grounding wire.

This helps protect the appliance and anything else connected to the power strip from what is called a power surge. A power surge is when there is an increase in electricity running through your outlet. Without proper attention, this can cause an overload in the outlet which leads to sparks and even an electrical fire.

Buy a voltage converter that can change the voltage

A voltage converter will allow you to change the voltage from the power source so that it will safely work with your air fryer. Let’s say you have a US air fryer that runs at 110 volts but you are moving to the UK, which has 230 V. You will need a 230-volt to 110-volt converter.

The same is with the opposite approach. If you purchase a 320-volt UK air fryer and you are moving to the US, which has 110 volts, you’ll need a 110-volt to 230-volt converter.

Find an air fryer with the correct voltage

One of the better approaches to moving internationally with your air fryer is to find an air fryer that has the same voltage as the place you are moving to. This is perhaps one of the safest approaches.

With an air fryer that has similar voltages to the power source of your Place a visit, then you don’t really have to worry about anything else except for whether or not the plug will fit the outlet.

Our best recommendation: Buy an international built air fryer

Buying an international air fryer is our number one recommendation. It’s not always a good idea to find half-baked alternatives to electronic devices that don’t necessarily match the voltage of a building.

It’s much more dangerous and well worth your time and worry if you would just get one that is built for that particular electric system.

Safety concerns when using appliances not made for a specific plug

Using your air fryer in a different country without fully understanding the voltage requirements is actually really dangerous. The difference between the appliance’s requirements and the power supply can either cause the motor on your air fryer to burn out or, even worse, cause an electrical fire.

What if my air fryer’s voltage range is voltage requirement is too low for the outlet?

Let’s say that your air fryer is a 120-volt machine, and you travel internationally to the UK, which has a single-phase voltage of 230 volts. What will happen is that once you plug in your air-fryer, it may excessively power you once switched on. Your air-fryer will quickly be in a state of over-voltage. It may then smoke, spark, melt, and even catch fire.

What if my air fryers voltage requirement is much higher than the one produced by the outlet?

Now let’s reverse the roles. Let’s say your air fryer is a 230-volt machine and you’re traveling to the US, where the standard is 120 V. Once you’ve plugged in your air fryer and flipped on the switch, there won’t be nearly enough energy running through your device. The heating element won’t heat up as quickly and the fan won’t turn as powerfully as it should. Your air fryer might not even work at all. It may not necessarily damage your air fryer, but you won’t be able to use it properly either.

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