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Do air fryers get loud? (Quick Comparisons Charts!)

If you’ve ever thought of making life easier by purchasing an air fryer, you’re not alone. However, air fryers make noise.

Whether you live with roommates, family, or have sleep-sensitive children in the house, you might be wondering if air fryers get out.

Your average air fryer has a fan inside of it that helps to circulate the air and heat the food inside. The fan creates a noise of around 65 decibels or about as loud as a vacuum cleaner. These may get louder over time as the air fryer ages or as the fan starts to wear out and may eventually need to be replaced.

What makes an air fryer loud?

An air fryer uses a powerful fan at the top of the machine to help circulate the hot air and help cook the food inside. 

The fan is what makes the noise in an air fryer. 

Larger air fryers are going to be louder than smaller models as the fan is larger. In some cases, as an air fryer ages, the fan might start to make more noise than it did when you first purchased the machine.

Air fryer vs air fryer noise comparison chart

In the chart below, you’ll find a listing of decibels recorded for each brand air fryer appliance. Disclaimer, the noise may vary depending on the age of the machine and even how much food is put in it.

Air Fryer Brand ModelEstimated Decibels (dB)
GoWise USA Air Fryer58.8
Cuisinart Afr Air Fryer59.8
Corsori Smart Air Fryer59.8
Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer61.4
Caynel Digital Air Fryer63.4
Iconites Air Fryer64.6
Farberware Multi-functional Air Fryer65.2
Black + Decker Purify Air Fryer65.2
Kalorik Air Fryer65.4
Ninja Air Fryer66.1
Calphalon Precision Air Fryer66.2
List of 11 top brand name air fryers and their estimated noise levels based on decibel measurements

Other kitchen appliance noise level chart

I’ve also provided a list of popular kitchen items so you can compare the differences in sound between those and the air fryers from above.

Kitchen ApplianceEstimated Decibels (dB)
Kitchen exhaust fan71
Garbage disposal83
Coffee grinder95
Food processor/blender100
List of the most common kitchen appliances and their respective noise levels based on decibel measurements

How to quickly test if your air fryer is loud using a smartphone app

You can download a decibel meter on your phone that can help you to determine if your air fryer is operating within the normal range or if it is louder than it should be. 

A decibel meter is going to show you the minimums and maximums and may also help you by showing you average decibel levels of other items that you interact with daily.

You can easily find tons of apps that measure these sound levels on the Android’s Google PlayStore or the iPhone’s App Store. Simply search for “noise meter.”

What do these sounds mean coming from an air fryer?

The most common noise you are going to hear from your air fryer is the whooshing sound of the fan. 

If you hear something that does not sound like the fan running, like a rattling sound, this means that something may be loose inside your air fryer. 

If you hear any noise other than the noise from the fan, you should unplug your machine and allow it time to cool down before you inspect it.

Air fryer rattling

If you hear a rattling your fan is likely to be loose and may need to be tightened up. If you hear a rattling noise, you should unplug the machine and allow it time to cool down. 

You can then remove the cover on the top of the machine to access the fan. You can tighten it and replace it as needed.

Air fryer as loud as a hairdryer

Your average air fryer is around 65 decibels when in use while an average hairdryer is around 85 decibels while in use on high. 

This means that if your air fryer is working properly, it should not be louder than a hairdryer lose plug-and-play it should be a bit quieter.

Air fryer making a high pitch squealing sound

If your air fryer is making a squealing noise, it likely needs to be cleaned thoroughly. 

You first need to let your air fryer cool off entirely. Then, take out the basket and clean both parts of it thoroughly. 

You also need to clean inside the machine and make sure that the fan is clean as well. You may want to clean the gaskets and the seals to make sure that they are sealing properly when the machine is in use as well. 

In some cases, it may be a problem with the circuit board which would require a call to the company that makes your air fryer so that they can work on it and take care of the problem.

Air fryer makes no noise at all

If your air fryer is making no noise at all, odds are your fan is not working. There is no possible way for an air fryer to work and cook without making at least some noise.

Are the loud noises coming from my air fryer dangerous?

When your air fryer is making loud noises it can be dangerous to the health of the air fryer but that does not mean that it is necessarily dangerous to the user. 

For the most part, any strange noise coming from your air fryer is going to be something to do with the operation of the air fryer and something that needs to be repaired but not necessarily something that is dangerous for the user.

Air fryer sound maintenance and repair

When it comes to your air fryer making strange noises, it is always best to unplug the machine, let it cool down, and then investigate. You do not want to keep using it while it is making strange noises.

Rattling means there is something loose that likely needs to be tightened. A squealing noise could be a problem with the seals or the circuit board, and any other sound does warrant investigation. 

Taking the time to look over your air fryer every few times that you use it is going to help you make sure that if there are problems, you can catch them before they destroy your machine entirely.

How to clean your fan (requires disassembly)

Cleaning the fan of your air fryer is going to require some disassembly so you do need to make sure the machine is fully cooled off. The easiest way to access the fan is often from the top of the machine. 

  1. Turn off and unplug your device from the outlet.
  2. Take the top of the machine off then unscrew the panels that keep the fan and other inner parts in place. 
  3. You can then see the fan, wipe down any dust or grime that is on the fan and remove any hair or other debris that might be causing problems. 
  4. Make sure you pay attention to how you took the machine apart so that you can put it back together.

Should I use lubrication for the fan?

You can add some lubrication to the fan if it is sticking or not running properly, but it may not be necessary. Take the time to clean the fan and if it is still not working properly, use a very small amount of lubrication to keep it moving freely.

However, be careful not to add too much lubrication. This fan resides directly above the food it cooks and you don’t want these chemicals falling onto your food as it cooks.

Replacing an air fryer fan

To replace the fan you should: 

  1. Make sure you turn off and unplug the air fryer.
  2. Remove the top panel of the air fryer to access the fan. 
  3. Find out what sort of fan the air fryer needs by looking up the model number and contacting the manufacturer.
  4. Replace it with a new version of the same fan.

There are tons of great videos online that illustrate the replacement process. It is a fairly simple plug-and-play process and you can often find out what parts your machine needs by looking at the owner’s manual.

What happens if I cook using my air fryer with a malfunctioning or broken fan?

When using an air fryer with a broken or malfunctioning fan, you are going to get uneven cooking, your food may burn, it may not cook at all and you may cause more damage to the machine that cannot be repaired.

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