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Is Your Air Fryer Using a Lot of Electricity? (Let’s Compare)

Have you ever gotten that electric bill that’s almost 2 times what you’re used to paying? And now you’re thinking… there must be ways I can cut down the cost of my electric bill.

Maybe you can try limiting the use of those appliances that use up a ton of energy. So, one question you’re probably asking yourself is, how much energy do air fryers use?

Air fryers, on average, run at about 1500 watts as opposed to the estimated 2.3kWh that are used to run your average in-home oven. Each kilowatt is about 1,000 watts so compared to a conventional oven, an air fryer uses about half as much energy. If your air fryer is damaged, defective or in ill repair, it may use more power than normal.

But I bet you have a ton of questions about energy, costs, and air fryers so let’s see what we can learn.

How much does it cost to run an air fryer?

It costs about 30 cents to run a conventional oven for an hour at the rate of around 2.3 kWh while an air fryer costs about half that using only about 1500 watts per hour. This means that the average cost of running an air fryer for an hour is around 15 cents.

What is the energy consumption of an air fryer?

Air fryers can work on a range of different wattages depending on the size, the make and model, and the overall temperature setting that you are using them on. The average range for energy consumption of an air fryer is from 800 watts to 2175 watts for larger models. The average energy consumption is around 1500 watts per hour.

How many amps does an air fryer use?

For a high-power air fryer that is running at around 1,700 watts, you can expect it to use around 15 amps of power when it is being used. For smaller fryers, this number is smaller at around 9 amps peruse. It depends on the air fryer you are using and how large it is and how demanding it is in terms of power usage.

How much wattage does an air fryer use?

Air fryer wattage changes depending on the fryer itself and its overall size. They can range from about 800 watts for very small, compact units, or they can use up to 2100 watts for larger family units. The average is around 1500 watts for a standard air fryer with a three-cup capacity in the basket.

Are air fryers considered energy efficient and economical?

Air fryers are indeed considered to be more energy-efficient and economical than other kitchen appliances. A conventional oven for instance takes twice as long to cook and uses twice the energy of an air fryer. A dryer uses 2790 watts per hour, an air conditioner uses around 3500 per hour, a refrigerator uses 255 watts per hour, and so on. These are designed to be as low wattage as possible but they are still not as efficient as an air fryer.

What affects the energy consumption of an air fryer?

The main thing that helps determine the energy consumption of an air fryer when in use is the size of the fryer, the temperature that it is being used at, and the overall amount of time that it is being used. A very small air fryer is going to use very little energy, especially when it is not used for a long period. If you are using your air fryer for very long periods it is going to take more energy and it is going to cost more to run.

How does an air fryer’s size affect its electricity usage?

The size of an air fryer affects electricity usage in one main way. The larger the air fryer the more energy it is going to take to heat up and maintain that heat throughout the entire duration of the cooking process. Larger air fryers need more energy to heat up initially and more energy to maintain that level of heat over time to cook the food.

How does an air fryer’s setting affect its electricity usage?

The air fryer setting also affects energy usage, mainly the temperature that you are setting your fryer to can affect the overall energy consumption. Higher heat settings mean more energy to keep the air fryer at that particular temperature for some time.

How does the food in your air fryer affect its electricity usage?

Another factor is what you are cooking. Larger items or those items that take longer to cook are going to make the cost of running your fryer higher. If you have something that takes 15 minutes to cook at 400 that is going to cost more than something that takes 5 minutes to cook at 300.

Air fryer power consumption in comparison to other appliances

An air fryer takes an average of 1500 watts per hour to run. A conventional oven takes 2.3 kWh, a dryer takes around 2.7 kWh, a refrigerator takes less than 300 watts per hour, and so on. These items are designed to be used as needed while a refrigerator for example is very low energy consumption because it must stay on at all times.

Air fryer vs. a cooktop energy usage

Your average cooktop uses around 1500 watts per hour at medium to high heat while an air fryer uses on average the same.

Air fryer vs. oven energy usage

An oven uses around 2.3 kWh or 2300 watts per hour while an air fryer only uses around 1500 watts on average.

Air fryer vs. convection oven energy usage

An average convection oven uses around 2400 watts per hour while an air fryer uses 1500 watts on average.

Air fryer vs. deep fryer energy usage

An average deep fryer uses 18,000 kWh per hour as opposed to the 1500 watts that an air fryer uses.

Air fryer vs. pressure cooker energy usage

A pressure cooker only uses 1,000 watts per hour versus the 1500 watts per hour of an air fryer.

How to calculate the cost of using an air fryer?

To determine how much energy your air fryer is using and how much it costs, you need to determine how many kilowatts per hour it uses. Say your air fryer uses 2000 watts per hour, that is 2 kWh. You then multiply that by how long you are cooking, say 10 min, the answer is 20, so it costs about 20 cents an hour to run this particular air fryer.

What are some ways to help save energy when using an air fryer?

To help save energy using your air fryer, try to cook foods that are fully thawed. This will take less time to cook and less energy. You can also pre-heat your air fryer before adding food to help cut down on cooking time. Using your air fryer for as little time as you can is going to cut down on costs significantly.

Does it get hot near an air fryer when it’s cooking?

It does not get significantly hot in the immediate vicinity of an air fryer while it is being used. The fryer itself may warm-up and maybe warm to the touch but they are designed to be used in small spaces so they are not going to get super hot.

Why can’t you buy an air fryer above 1,700 or 1,800 watts?

Air fryers are designed to use less electricity and they are not designed to get super hot for very long periods of time. The highest wattage you can buy is around 1800 watts but the actual wattage that this fryer uses may fluctuate and may be higher.

Are air fryers suitable for RVs and campers?

Air fryers are great for campers and RVs because they are low energy use and they are compact. It is going to be easier on the battery and the energy source of your RV to use an air fryer than it would be to use the oven or microwave that comes with the RV.

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