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Is It Safe to Open a Microwave While It’s Running? (Here’s the Truth!)

The question of whether it’s safe to open a microwave while it’s running has been debated for decades.

On the one hand, experts say that it’s not dangerous to open your microwave while it’s running. On the other hand, there are some things you should be aware of before doing so.

So let’s take a look at both sides of this question and see what we can learn about the safety of microwaving food in general—and whether or not it’s okay to open your microwave when it’s running.

Key takeaways

  • Opening the microwave door while it’s running can be safe as long as the microwave is working properly and shuts off when the door is opened.
  • Before opening the door, turn off the microwave and allow the remaining microwaves to dissipate by keeping a distance and waiting for a few moments.
  • Opening the door while the microwave is running can pose risks such as skin damage, fire accidents, smoke from food/liquid, and technical damages.
  • Safety precautions include unplugging the microwave, being cautious of extreme heat, using the door handle, being mindful of steam and wearing protective gloves.
  • It is generally recommended to wait for a few minutes or until the microwave beeps to indicate the end of the cooking cycle before opening the door.

Is it safe to open the microwave door while it’s running?

It depends. If your microwave continues to run while the door is open, then it’s certainly dangerous to open the door of a microwave.

However, as long as your microwave is working properly and shuts off the moment the door is open, It is generally safe to open the door of a microwave while it is running. The microwave energy is confined within the microwave oven and is not transmitted outside the oven.

A microwave uses microwaves (a type of electromagnetic radiation) to heat food. If it stays on, opening the door will expose you to dangerous risks from the leaked energy.

How to safely open the microwave door when it’s running

  1. Turn off the microwave: While your microwave is plugged into a power outlet and running, locate the “stop” or “clear” button (depending on your model), and turn it off.
  2. Keep a distance: Try to keep a little distance between you and the oven. Then, stand back as you allow the remaining microwaves to dissipate into the air for a short while.
  3. Gently open the door: After allowing the release of the microwaves, carefully open the door while maintaining your distance. Ensure to open slowly, as it gives the chance to monitor it in case of any spark or sign of present waves.
  4. Watch out for any residual microwaves: In case you do not notice any sparks or indications that confirm the presence of microwaves, you can go ahead and open the door fully. But, if you notice any spark or other signs of microwaves still present, quickly suspend the action and seek the help of a qualified technician.

What are the potential risks of opening a microwave while it’s running?

  • Skin damage:The electromagnetic radiation in every microwave is usually released at a very high level, and is designed to stay within the metal mesh screen on the oven door. So, if this door is opened while running, these harmful microwaves will escape and possibly cause damage to human skin or animals that are close by.
  • Fire accidents: The heavy energy can also come in contact with flammable objects around and result to fire.
  • Smoke from food/liquid: In cases where you have food or liquid inside the running microwave, opening the door abruptly can result in accidents like smoke or scaling – due to the accumulated steam and waves, not being allowed to dissipate.
  • Technical damages: Lastly, you also stand the risk of losing your microwave to this careless act. Microwave radiation can cause fire, malfunction, and damage to the door seal. And, all these are part of costly technical problems.

What are the safety precautions to be taken before opening a microwave?

  • Avoid any case of electric shock: First, make sure the microwave is not only turned off but also unplugged from the power circuit. Sometimes, turning off such appliances does not guarantee 100% safety. There could still be an existing current or electrical connection, traveling from the outlet, even while your microwave is turned off. So, it’s best to switch off and unplug.
  • Be cautious of the extreme heat: If the oven has been in use for a while, it is important to let it cool before opening the door. This is because the interior parts of the oven can be extremely hot, hence, making an attempt to open the door can burn your skin.
  • Use the door handle: Remember to use the oven-door handle to prevent possible injuries. We understand how careless some people can be with their safety. But, in all, we have to acknowledge that the handle of your microwave exists for a reason. So, instead of pulling through the edges or door seal (where you can encounter injuries from any roughness), kindly use the door handle. It usually has a smoother feel.
  • Be mindful of the steam: The steam that is released when the door is opened can also cause burns. Therefore, it is usually advisable to stand back from the appliance to avoid any potential hazards that may directly come in contact with your face or other parts of your body.
  • Wear protective gloves: It is not always ideal to handle hazardous materials with your bare hands. It is a great necessity for you to wear protective gear like gloves or goggles to protect yourself. In the case of opening a microwave, your cooking gloves can also serve the same purpose. It can protect you from severe shock or burns.
  • Beware of spilled food/liquids: In a case where the content of your microwave has been spilled, you’re most likely to encounter smoke or burns. You need to be mindful of that as you gently open the door, this way it doesn’t storm out with a force.

How long should you wait before opening the microwave?

It is generally recommended to wait a few minutes before opening the microwave.

However, many people will argue that it’s generally safe to open the door of a microwave as soon as it stops running.

The exact time will largely depend on the cook time and temperature while heating. If you are concerned about steam burns or other potential hazards, you may want to wait a few minutes before opening the door to allow the steam to dissipate and the food to cool down.

If the microwave has been operating for a longer time at a high temperature, you may have to wait longer for the waves to dissipate before opening.

How do I know when it is safe to open the microwave door?

  • Wait for the beep: For a well-functional oven, there is usually a beep or any sound indicator that indicates the end of a cook time. Once your microwave gives this indication, the magnetron between the interlocks is turned off, and safe to open.
  • Feel the temperature: You can also determine the safety by checking the temperature of the door. You can do this by feeling the temperature with the back of your hand. If it is cool or very warm, then you know it’s safe to open.
  • Let it cool: You could as well ignore the oven for a few minutes and let it cool. Once you power off a microwave, the next thing it does is to start cooling. You can ignore it for a few minutes, and by the time you get back to it again, it’d be safer for you to open it.
  • Pay attention to the cooling fan: Most microwaves have a cooling fan that helps to dissipate heat once disconnected. If you hear the fan running, it’s a good sign that the oven is still hot, and will stop running once it is cool.

Why people think opening up the microwave while it’s running is bad

Myth: Opening the microwave while it’s running will cause dangerous problems.

Fact: Microwaves are built with safety features that shut off the magnetron the moment you open the door.

Myth: Microwaves leak radiation out into the environment when you open the microwave door while it’s running.

Fact: Microwaves merely excite the water content in food, generating heat from it. The radiation will instantly dissipate when the magnetron shuts off upon the door opening.

Myth: Opening the microwave door while it is running could cause the microwave to malfunction and possibly start a fire.

Fact: Your microwave isn’t going to explode. The level that is held down while the door is shut becomes released, and that ends up turning the microwave off.

Myth: Microwaves have bad radiation that will kill you.

Fact: While microwaves can potentially harm you, the FDA closely regulates how these machines are built to protect you from the radiation emitted from microwaves.

Myth: Microwaves could explode if you opened them too soon.

Fact: Microwaves won’t explode if you open them too soon. It just shuts off.

Myth: The microwave could leak radiation into your food.

Fact: Microwave properties do not create any lingering radiation in food, and they’re not toxic to humans.

Should you leave the microwave oven door open when it’s not on?

Yes and no.

While it is not a bad thing to leave the door open for ventilation or airing to prevent rust, it is also not safe for the following reasons:

  • You can mistakenly run into the door while it’s left swinging
  • It can welcome dust and debris into the microwave, making it unhygienic and difficult to clean.
  • Your kids or pets may come in contact with it, and this may result in accidental injuries or damage to the microwave.
  • When not in use but plugged into the power outlet, the opened door can easily lead to electric shock or excess electricity consumption for powering its clock.

What would happen if you left the door open while the microwave was running?

  1. Potential damage: Microwaves are designed to operate within their door seals, which means they have to remain closed for them to work properly. Leaving it open may hinder the appliance from working properly, and can result in potential damage.
  2. Safety hazards: The radiation that’s emitted from the running microwave may be harmful and hazardous to your health. It can go as   as heating any fluid around it, and that includes body fluids like the eyes.
  3. Food or liquid spills: There’s also a possibility of your food or liquid spilling out and causing smoke, burns, or even fire.
  4. Time wasting: Microwaves depend on the door being closed, for them to function and regulate well. When you leave the door open, it activates the safety interlock system, and you’d probably be wasting your time while waiting for your food to heat properly.

Can running the microwave with the door open damage the microwave?

Yes. If the microwave is left open while running, the appliance could be heavily damaged.

The internal component, like the magnetron (which generates microwaves), may be damaged when opened for a long time.

Some electronics surrounding the beam light might as well end up frying, especially if they’re unshielded.

In addition, running a microwave with the door open could potentially cause sparks or arcing, which can be dangerous.

It is generally best to avoid running a microwave with the door open. If you need to stop the microwave while it is running, it is generally safe to do so by pressing the “stop” or “cancel” button.

This will turn off the microwave and allow you to safely open the door. If you need to open the microwave door while it is running for any reason, it is important to use caution and common sense and to be aware of any potential hazards.

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