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Which Air Fryer Cooks the Fastest? (3 Dependable Devices)

Which air fryer cooks the fastest?

Air fryers are taking the world by storm. But with such a variety, it can be hard to select the right one. Ideally, an air fryer should be able to perform more than one function and cook food relatively quickly. Here are three of the fastest-cooking air fryers based on price points and features.

Philips Premium Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology

The Philips air fryer is known to heat up in a matter of seconds and uses rapid air technology to cook fast and evenly. This fryer has a few amazing features. Philips works with a mobile app. The technology in this fryer allows users to fry, grill, roast, and bake food. Additionally, the Phillips mobile app boasts an impressive 200 recipes that users have access to via the app. It features a digital screen that allows users to easily control the time and temperature of the fryer.

Dash 1000W 2 qt. single-basket compact air fryer

This budget-friendly air fryer cooks food within minutes. What makes this air fryer unique is its compact size. It takes up very little space on the countertop. AirCrisp technology means that food can be air frayed without the use of any oil, which translates to healthier cooking. It includes an auto-off function that prevents food from overcooking and features a temperature control of up to 400 °F (205 °C).

Instant pot duo crisp and air fryer 8-quart multi-use pressure cooker

This air fryer made it onto the list because it boasts a multi-purpose function. It features an impressive 11 cooking features. In addition, this air fryer cooks food to a crisp perfection within minutes. It features EvenCrisp technology that allows air to circulate inside the cooking compartment at high speeds, ensuring a fast, crisp, and even result. The air fryer features multiple, customizable heating settings that range between 105 °F (41 °C) and 400 °F (201 °F).

What do air fryer cooking times depend on?

Let’s talk about the multiple functions and features that an air fryer has that makes a big difference to the cooking time.

Cooking temperatures

The Philips air fryer heats up almost instantly and reaches a high of 400°F (201°F) and features 2100 watts. The Dash air fryer also heats up to 400°F (201°F) while featuring 1000 watts. And, finally, the instant pot duo heats up to 400°F (201°F) while featuring 1500 watts.

Cooking capacity

The Philips boasts a bigger basket with an impressive 6.6-pound capacity. Its unique design allows fat to be drained from food during the cooking process. While it does have a fairly bigger basket, it is still somewhat limited to cooking small to medium-sized items such as meat, poultry, French fries, and muffins.

The Dash Air Fryer can hold up to five pounds, and food items are also somewhat limited to small or medium-sized items.

The Instant Pot duo, on the other hand, boasts an eight-quart capacity and can handle somewhat larger food items for big-batch cooking.


The Philips air fryer boasts a starfish design that combines with fast heated air that rapidly circulates within the device, as well as an optimal heating profile.

The Dash air fryer features a compact and lightweight design that allows air to be circulated within seconds. This creates a superfast heating system that cooks food quickly and reaches all the crevices of the food items during the cooking process.

The instant pot is somewhat larger in design but this does not inhibit it in any way. It features a sleek design with rapid heating technology that also circulates air inside rapidly.

How long does it take to cook in an air fryer?

Most air fryers will cook steak in seven to 14 minutes, while a pork chop will take between 12 and 15 minutes. Chicken breasts will cook for up to 23 minutes, while thighs will set you back up to 25 minutes in cooking time. Smaller items such as fries will cook for 10-20 minutes, Brussels sprouts will run for 15-18 minutes, and pasta should average about eight minutes. All three air fryers mentioned in this list average about the same cooking time with little difference between them.

Does an air fryer cook food faster than an oven?

Air fryers do cook food faster than traditional ovens. This is due to its compact size and airflow technology, which allows it to heat up faster and cook food much faster.

Thanks to the concept of airflow carrying heat, food is actually more evenly cooked all the way around. When compared to a conventional oven, the area of the food closest to the heating element gets cooked first, and if you don’t turn your food over, the bottom portion may end up under-cooked. This adds more time to the cooking process.

There’s also the argument that turning your food over midway during the cooking process requires you to open up the oven and ultimately lose a lot of heat from your meal. With an air fryer, there’s often no need to turn over your food, and so the heat is never lost during the entire cooking process.

However, there is no comparison when it comes to the taste of your food. An air fryer can deliver the same flavor as a traditional oven, as well as a more evenly cooked experience. It’s more difficult for the oven to get the same crispy texture or crunchy crust that an air fryer delivers.

Do air fryers cook faster than microwaves? states that a microwave is meant to heat up food and generally does alter the texture of food in a negative way. However, in terms of cooking time, the microwave wins hands down as the fastest method. The air fryer, on the other hand, will deliver a better result, texture, and much more flavor. Additionally, an air fryer browns food, which adds flavor to the end result.

Using a microwave has been hilariously coined the term, “nuke”. This means that the food heats up and then immediately cools off again. This causes the food to lose moisture and become dry. If you want to eat something hot out of the microwave, you have to add extra water to make sure the food isn’t too dry.

Do air fryers cook food faster than deep fryers?

According to a deep fryer will cook food faster than an air fryer. Deep fryers are also known to hold larger quantities of food. But air fryers are a much healthier option.

The disadvantage of cooking too fast

Cooking with your air fryer too fast can cause your food to be dry. If you’re cooking at really high temperatures, then it will be likely that your food will be done sooner. However, you need to be careful since cooking at temperatures that are too high can cause your food to burn and dry out faster.

The moisture content in foods is important because it helps maintain the right consistency throughout the cooking process. If you’re using a small amount of oil, then you’ll want to keep the temperature low enough so that the oil doesn’t evaporate too quickly.

Another important situation you may come across is getting a well-cooked exterior but an undercooked interior. To avoid this, make sure you give your food enough time to allow the heat to pass through into it so that it will properly cook the inside of it.

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