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Can you Get Away with a Cheap Air Fryer? (Mistakes You Should Avoid)

If you are looking to purchase an air fryer, keep one thing in mind: this is not a purchase you should make without doing your research.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the air fryer. Some people feel that a cheaper model is enough for most people, while others feel the sense of, “you get what you pay for.”

This article gathers over 100 air fryer owners’ opinions and experiences with buying cheap vs expensive air fryers.

What is a cheap air fryer?

In terms of cheap air fryers, these are air fryers that usually don’t have a noticeable name or popular brand backing them. the price range of cheap air fryers is usually between $40 to $60. Mid-level air fryers tend to cost around $60 to $120. Some of the higher-end air fryers are oftentimes seen from $120 all the way up to $400.

Here’s the thing, cheaper doesn’t always mean worst. However, it, more often than not, won’t outlast its expensive counterparts.

The plastic smell that lingers in cheaper air fryers

The plastic smell that lingers in cheaper air fryers is a result of the material used in the plastic and those to make the heating elements within the device.

Air fryers have become a popular way to cook food due to their ability for quick cooking and easy cleanup. However, cheaper air fryers might not be as good of an investment because they can leak chemicals or plastic smells that linger out of the box.

Therefore, it’s important for people shopping on a budget to avoid these types of air-fried machines so they don’t waste their hard-earned money buying something that doesn’t work well in the long run.

Does a cheap air fryer mean lower quality and peeling?

While owning a cheap air fryer might mean lower quality and peeling, it doesn’t have to. Air fryers come in a variety of price ranges and many of the lower-end models can still produce good and safe results.

If I don’t buy an expensive air fryer, what am I missing out on?

One of the biggest fears of missing out is the fact that lower-end air fryers don’t have as many features as the newer, higher-end models. Most of the time, this is the case. However, other times, the more expensive air fryers do very few things but do them really well.

When you buy a lesser model, you need to accept the fact that the materials that build out this air fryer are of lower quality. There’s a high chance it’s something will break down with him two or even one year. one of the biggest issues when it comes to malfunctions in air fryers is either the heating element or the fan. The more you continue to cook with it the more the wires inside begin to degrade and fail over time.

What’s worst is if you are not purchasing an air fryer, you are missing out on many opportunities to cook healthier at home. Air fryers have the ability to reduce cooking times by up to 40% and cut cooking oil by 95%. Furthermore, air fryers provide a healthier alternative to deep-frying.

If you want to learn more about the core difference between cheaper and more expensive air fryers, check out this article we made.

Make sure you get the correct size air fryer for your family

A smaller air fryer may be more appropriate for a family with two to three people. And oftentimes the smaller models are much more affordable than the larger ones.

I’ve seen air fryers that can only hold 2 quarts the food and it’s basket two air fryers that can hold up to 8 quarts of food. The difference in the size nearly always adds several tens of dollars to the price of an air fryer.

I wouldn’t take a chance and go for the smaller size hoping that it is just enough for my family. I recommend that you do yourself a favor and pick the larger size air fryer. You never know when you’ll need it for those occasional parties.

In fact, when we tallied up and asked over a hundred people who own air fryers what their biggest regrets were, about 53% of them said that they wish they had bought a bigger air fryer. And most of them agreed that after their current are fire fails, they will be looking for a much larger one.

Higher-end air fryer models may be easier to clean

When it comes to cleaning your air fryer, I suggest you do it every time you use it.

This becomes a terrible sure if cleaning your air fryer is difficult. The Lesser Brands will normally have materials it easily sticks to the food, oils, and grease that you cook.

More expensive models may even be made out of stainless steel. some of them might have a better non-stick coating that stays on and will last several years. Having an air fryer with these extra traits makes it so much easier to maintain and clean your air fryer. And who knows this may even amplify the longevity of your air fryer as well.

Is buying a cheaper air fryer safe?

in regards to your safety, air fryers use a ton of heat and push that heat through the air. Lower quality and cheaper air fryers are likely built with lower-quality materials and this can be a safety hazard.

For example, the electrical wiring may not be properly insulated inside the unit. This could potentially lead to a fire or even an explosion.

There are a ton of knock-off air fryers in the wild. They are generally not worth buying.

Cheaper air fryers have flimsy parts

There aren’t a lot of moving parts when it comes to an air fryer. However, there are a lot of accessories that come with an air fryer.

There is always been complaints of how the basket does not snugly fit into the air fryer body. some of the lower-end models have been played with an issue like this. Not only does it seem like the basket was not molded correctly, but there have also been talks about how this dilemma adds even more noise to the air fryer when it is being operated.

Stainless steel vs halogen bulb heating elements

One thing you should watch out for is the difference in heating elements that some of these air fryers are built with.

The biggest difference you’re going to find between these two heating elements is that the halogen air fryer tends to be a bit bigger. Halogen bulbs also tend to use up more energy when cooking.

One advantage According to some that you may find when using a halogen bulb is that they do shine bright over the food that is being cooked. This is actually only useful if your air fryer has transparent walls that you can see through. however, this would be a major advantage when it comes to monitoring your cooking progress.

How long does a cheap air fryer last?

If you are planning to buy a cheap air fryer as your first-time purchase, or a gift for a friend or family member, then rest assured that air fryers in most cases last for about 2 years.

In many cases, there have been several reports of people claiming that they have been using the same $80 air fryer that was on sale for years ago and they’ve never had an issue with it.

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