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Can You Use An Air Fryer Without The Outer Basket? (Well, About That…)

Many people seem to question whether you can actually use an air fryer without the basket.

If you’re wondering why, then keep reading for a few things about this kitchen appliance in general, and how it works.

Air fryers are cooking appliances that circulate hot air around the food using a fan as opposed to frying with oil or other fats. They have grown increasingly popular over time because they allow users to prepare healthier “fried” meals while also reducing their need for oils and grease.

One thing we’ve been asked a few times now is whether or not you need the basket in order to air fry food. After scratching our heads with the thought, we came up with a few words of advice.

Can you air fry without the outer basket?

The short answer is yes. However, with today’s modern air fryers, attaching the basket is mandatory in order for the machine to turn on. Also, without the basket, your air fryer would not be able to properly circulate hot air nor will your food be cooked evenly. The heat produced by the element will otherwise disperse out into the environment potentially leaving you with an uncooked meal.

There just doesn’t seem to be a good reason to air fry without your basket.

When do you need to air fry without the outer basket?

What does the outer basket of an air fryer do?

The basket oven air fryer is the component that holds the food and whatever accessories are used to cook the food in. This includes the crisper plate, tray, or rack that you actually put your food on top of.

The basket is one of the more essential components oven air fryer because it creates a closed system that keeps the circulated air from escaping the air fryer. There’s really no reason why anyone would ever want or should consider leaving out the basket when cooking with your air fryer.

In fact, most modern-day air fryers will only begin cooking with the basket attached to them. If you attempt to remove the basket, the unit will not turn on.

Using the air fryer basket is essential for your safety

Like we’ve explained before, the basket helps trap the circulated hot air within the interior of the air fryer. Having this exposed we’ll end up releasing all that hot air into the environment.

First of all, if you’re not allowing the hot air to circulate then there is a high probability that the heating element above will end up just cooking the top of your food. There won’t be any even distribution of cooking and so you would end up with a well-cooked top layer and a completely undercooked bottom layer. So only the food that is closest to the heating element facing the heating element will receive any heat.

This is also dangerous in the sense that if you eat uncooked foods, you may become very sick.

Another thing about the heating element is that if the air were not evenly distributed, most of the concentration of the heat would be focused up there where the element is. This would likely cause your food to burn if left underneath it for too long.

Why would someone want to use their air fryer without the outer basket?

There are not many reasons why anyone would actually choose to remove the outer basket when using their air fryer.

One major reason, however, could very well be that the user may need the extra space. The basket does create a finite amount of space when it comes to how much food you want to cook. For example, you might want to air fry an entire chicken but placing it into the outer basket won’t allow you to close it properly. Removing the basket may be your only option.

Another reason you may have for not using the basket is when baking a cake. Cake batter normally Rises and when you bake a cake the product becomes bigger. Someone who is thinking about baking a cake needs to consider how much room is needed during the end game.

How to use an air fryer without an outer basket?

If for some odd reason, you absolutely have to remove your outer basket, and if you happen to be able to successfully find a way to keep your air fryer running, then here are a few tips we strongly urge you to follow. Keep in mind, we do not condone using your air fryer without the basket. It not only may ruins your meal, but it can also be dangerous as well. But in any case, these tips are the standard recommendation for whether you use an air fryer basket or not.

  • Make sure air flows properly. Make sure you find something that covers up any opening so that are stays inside the machine.
  • You can try using a rack.
  • If you’re baking a cake, consider making a smaller cake since it needs room to expand.

Can you cook using an air fryer without the outer basket?

Yes, you can cook using an air fryer without the outer basket. But we highly don’t recommend you attempt to. Being that it is not only dangerous to consume uncooked food, but it may also cause your food to burn in certain areas that are directly in front of the element.

But, for more modern air fryers that have a safety stop requiring a basket be inserted, many people in forums have attempted to bypass this method by making the air fryer think that the basket is inserted when it really isn’t.

Do all air fryers have outer baskets?

Almost every single basket-style air fryer will come with a basket. There wouldn’t be any reason for the manufacturer to leave this out. It is one of the most essential components when it comes to keeping hot air circulation intact. In fact, the definition of what makes an air fryer, an air fryer has to do with how air is circulated and kept inside the Chamber of the air fryer. Without the outer basket, Keeping the are in circulation simply would not be possible.

Can you buy replacement outer baskets for air fryers?

It’s important that if you do not have the basket that comes with the air fryer that you should reach out to the manufacturer to see if you can purchase a separate basket. You would have to find one that matches your model because there are so many different types out there. Different baskets may fit different models.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, or on their website oh, then it’s probably best to call the company and reach out to customer service. They may actually have a few basket units that they can sell to you.

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