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How Heavy is a Ceramic Table (Expert Tips on Moving Ceramic Tables)

When shopping for tables, it’s good to know that we have so many options that exist out there. Wood is the most commonly used material. But you also have the option of buying a table with a top made of ceramic. Ceramic table tops are gorgeous.

Because it sits in the dining room and is the focal point of any eye, having a table made of ceramic will truly brighten the room. This is a good thing because the dining room is where most families spend their most precious time. Having memorable meals and conversations with loved ones is what makes dining rooms special. That also makes dining tables so important.

The impact of how a dining table influences a family may be in the back of our minds, but subconsciously, it’s one of the most important items we use to share our time and our meals together.

As such, picking the right dining table is so important. And because it makes such a big impact on our family lives, we should consider it an investment. You want a dining table to be timeless, flexible, and durable. It also needs to be a piece of art and designed to inspire those who use it in your home.

How heavy is a ceramic dining table?

One of the biggest initial questions about owning a ceramic table is, “How much does it weigh?” A 4-person ceramic table can weigh anywhere between 70 and 90 pounds, while a 6-person ceramic table can weigh between 90 and 130 pounds. If you’re looking into a ceramic table that can hold 8 people or more, it can weigh as much as 130 to 250 pounds thanks to the frame and support needed to hold it up.

What is a ceramic tabletop?

Ceramics are usually a mix of clay, metal elements, and water that’s made into an object like a tabletop. Now that’s the plain and simple DIY ingredients you can use to make ceramic at home.

Industrialized ceramics, especially those used to make strong tables, have lots of other strong elements incorporated into their production.

Ceramics can become really strong based on the compounds used to build them. Ceramics are naturally porous. In the process of making a ceramic table, it is dried and glazed to form a finished, sealed surface.

Tips for moving a ceramic dining table

  • Cleaning the table thoroughly is an important step to take before moving it as it helps prevent dirt or debris from scratching or damaging the surface during the move. Wipe it down with a damp cloth or use a ceramic cleaning solution to remove any dirt or grime.
  • Make sure to remove any loose objects on the table such as plates, glasses, or tablecloths. This not only helps reduce the weight of the table but also prevents those objects from shifting or falling off during the move.
  • Lifting the table requires at least two people to ensure it is done safely and securely. Make sure to bend your knees, hold the table securely and lift with your legs to avoid back injuries.
  • Straps or a moving cart can help make the move much easier and safer. Straps allow you to carry the table evenly on your shoulders while a cart can be used to roll the table on its wheels.
  • A table pad or blanket can protect the table from scratches or damages that might occur during the move. Wrap the table completely in the pad or blanket to ensure its protection.
  • When moving the table, do it slowly to avoid any sudden movements that might cause the table to tip over or become damaged.
  • If you have a large ceramic dining table or if you feel that moving it on your own might be too difficult, consider renting a moving truck. This will give you the space and resources you need to move the table safely and efficiently.
  • When lowering the table at the destination, do it carefully to avoid any damage to the table or the surrounding area. Make sure to use proper lifting techniques and have at least two people to help you.

Table: ceramic dining table size vs weight

Table SizePeople It FitsApproximate Weight (Pounds)
This table shows the different ceramic table sizes, how many people would fit in it, and the approximate weight of the table. These estimations are also based on the table being fixed at 0.25 inches thick.

How to calculate the weight of a ceramic dining table

In order to calculate the weight of your ceramic table you need to know that the density of ceramics is roughly equal to 0.216 pounds per cubic inch.

You’ll next need to find out the volume of your table measured in length, width, and thickness.

Once you find all 4 numbers, simply multiply them all together and the resulting number is the weight in pounds.

For example, you have a ceramic table that is 60 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 0.25 inches thick. Just multiply all the numbers up along with 0.216 (60*36*0.25*0.216) and you get 93.312 pounds.

Keep in mind that this is only the tabletop. The legs of the table might add a few extra pounds.

What is the best way to protect a ceramic dining table from scratches when moving?

The best way to protect a ceramic dining table from scratches when moving is to use a table pad or a thick blanket to cover the entire table.

This provides a barrier between the table and any other surfaces that it may come into contact with during the move, reducing the risk of scratches.

When wrapping the table, make sure the pad or blanket is securely in place so it does not shift during the move.

Also, moving the table slowly and carefully can also help reduce the risk of scratches and damage to the table.

Factors to consider when choosing a table pad or blanket for moving to include its thickness and the material it is made from.

A table pad or blanket that is at least 1/2 inch thick and made from a durable material, such as cotton or polyester, will provide the best protection for your ceramic dining table.

If you don’t have padding that’s so thick, try adding on multiple layers or sheets and blankets.

What tools can you use to help move a heavy ceramic dining table?

Moving straps

These are specially designed straps that allow you to lift and carry heavy objects like a ceramic dining table with ease.

They evenly distribute the weight across your shoulders, making it easier to move the table without straining your back.

Moving dolly

A moving dolly is a small platform with wheels that can be used to roll heavy objects, like a ceramic dining table, from one location to another.

This is especially useful if the table must be moved over long distances or if it is too heavy to carry.

Furniture sliders

These are small, round discs that can be placed under the legs of a heavy ceramic dining table to make it easier to slide the table across the floor.

Furniture sliders are especially helpful if you need to move the table across carpet or other soft surfaces.

Table pads or blankets

Table pads or thick blankets can be used to wrap and protect the table during the move.

This helps prevent scratches and damage to the table and also makes it easier to move the table without worrying about it getting damaged.

An extra person

It can be very helpful to have an extra person to help move the ceramic dining table. Two or more people can evenly distribute the weight of the table, making it easier to lift and move.

Also, having an extra person to help guide the table and ensure that it is moved safely and securely can also reduce the risk of damage or injury during the move.

How heavy is ceramic compared to glass, wood, and marble?

When compared to glass and marble, ceramic is much lighter due to its high ratio of porous design. Marble is extremely heavy, as is glass. This is due to their high densities and the compounds that come together to form these materials.

If you want to know more about the weight of glass tables, check out our article here on the weight of glass tables.

Ceramic tables are light enough that you can even use them as part of an extendable table if needed.

If you are comparing ceramic to wood, then hands down the wooden table will most often be lighter if both are built with the same thickness. This is also dependent on the type of wood used. But generally speaking, a simple basswood table shouldn’t weigh anywhere near what a ceramic table should.

How many people are needed to carry a ceramic table?

This really depends on the size of the table. Extremely large tables, like the ones that fit six or more people, are not solo moving jobs. Moving from one room to the next requires at least two adults. And this is especially true if you’re moving a ceramic dining table from one home to another.

As answered above, a typical 6-person ceramic table can weigh up to 130 pounds. However, what you don’t know is that about 85% of that weight is the table alone. But again, this really depends on the thickness of the tabletop itself.

A pure slab of ceramic is heavy, really heavy. It’s estimated to be roughly 6 pounds per square foot! If you want to understand how much it might weigh, try going to your local home improvement store and checking out the sample ceramic tiles on display.

If there’s a way to detach or remove the tabletop from the legs, then it’s recommended to do so. You can simply reassemble the legs after the move. This can further protect your table from any damage due to drops or bumps to your table or home. The less you have sticking out, the better.

How durable are ceramic tabletops?

Ceramic tabletops are really strong. If you are familiar with marble, then you might know that marble can stain and even scratch. It’s not the case with ceramic tables. Ceramic tables are capable of being scratched and stained; however, they are less susceptible to those types of damages compared to marble. Ceramics is a very durable material.

When it comes to children, ceramic tables can survive the spills and the stickiness that may come from daily meals. As explained before, you don’t need to worry much when it comes to staining or scratching a ceramic table. It is extremely difficult to do so. You would have to get an adult to really force a scratch into a ceramic table in order to show damage.

If you’re truly wondering or want to get a feel for what a ceramic table feels like, chances are you might have ceramic tile in your home flooring. You can see after all the traffic your floors get and all the beating, you can simply wipe it all away with a mop.

Are ceramic dining tables any good?

Absolutely. Ceramic dining tables are extremely durable, easy to clean, and stunning. Since it’s able to withstand a huge amount of beating, I’d recommend it for anyone who wants both a beautiful piece in their home as well as something that might as well last as long as the home.

Ceramic tables can get pretty pricey

The ceramic is really expensive. This is especially true if you’re looking for a table that can seat 6 or more people. We are talking about prices that can range well past the $500 mark and well into the $1000s for those ceramic tables that are built for very large families.

A lot of stores simply don’t carry ceramic tables. Ceramic tables are often custom-built or manufactured by specialist companies that focus on that craft.

It’s not manufactured by a factory that simply automates and builds wooden tables. These ceramic types are built from the ground up, and they have to put a lot of consideration into the stability of a ceramic tabletop. Ceramic tabletops are strong, but like glass, they can crack.

If you own a home with ceramic tiles, you’ll notice that once in a while, if a ceramic tile is under way too much stress or simply not installed correctly, it may end up cracking.

Even though ceramic tables can get pretty expensive, you’ve got to see for yourself how amazing they look. I’ve got to say that ceramic can look quite extraordinary.

Where can I find ceramic tables?

Regular online retailers don’t usually sell ceramic tables. However, if you do a Google search for ceramic tiles and click on the shopping tab, you can get a huge list of all the available private retailers that are offering these beauties.

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