How heavy is that wooden dining table

How heavy is a solid wood dining table?

High-end dining tables are often considered those that are made of solid wood. When you’re dining table shopping either at the store or online, you’ve probably wondered how much does a solid wood dining table weigh.

How do you carry it into your house?

Yes, you can find cheaper, lighter dining tables made and engineered in a factory, but it’s honestly can’t match a solid wood dining table.

How heavy is that wooden dining table
How heavy is that wooden dining table

How heavy is a solid wood dining table? Well, the answer can vary depending on the seating size, design, and the type of wood used to build the table. A table built for only 4 people can range between 50-150lbs. A table for 6 often ranges from 100-200lbs. And a table fit for 8 can range from 150lbs to upwards of 300lbs. But this isn’t the limit, tables can be built much larger spanning to limits of 400lbs.

How does the seating size of a dining table determine its weight?

Depending on the seating size of a table, the amount of wood needed can change drastically. Imagine a table built just to fit 2 people, then imagine how many more of those tables would be required to seat 8, or 10, or even 12 people. Now it’s not exactly multiplied but the materials need to increase due to the increase in the size required. An example of this would of a table like this on Amazon. It weighs just under 160lbs and fits about 8 people.

Making a table wider or longer will often require a thicker tabletop. This is because once the table becomes bigger, there’s going to be a need to reinforce the middle area. The builder needs to make sure it’s strong enough to hold at least a few hundred pounds of weight.

This can be done in a few different ways. You can make the tabletop itself thicker. Getting a thicker cut will oftentimes solve any bending issue and make sure the middle of the table is strong enough to hold a lot of items.

Another method is to have what some people would call a table apron. It’s the bars of wood that connect the adjacent legs together and is also connected right underneath the table. These aprons can definitely help with the sturdiness of the tabletop adding on stability.

If the table becomes too long due to many, many seats, you can always add in extra legs in the middle of the table. Think about how long a 12 person table looks like. There’s almost always a requirement for an extra pair of legs in the middle due to the fact that it’s just so long.

I don’t need to tell you that having extra legs in the middle can drastically help prevent any slouching of the table in the center. However, it does take up more space beneath the table and may restrict some movement with the seating arrangements.

How does the design of a dining table determine its weight?

There are so many designs out there. But if I could sum it up into just 2 different kinds, it’s either thin or thick wooden designs. I’m referring to both the legs as well as the tabletop.

The legs can have all these grooves and linings, but the thicker they are, the heavier the table will be. Often times the thickness of the legs will proportionally follow the thickness of the tabletop.

In the tabletop realm, you should really look into the thickness of the tabletop itself. Most smaller tables that can fit around 4 people would have a thickness of about 1 inch.

However, as you move up to the required size of the tabletop, the thickness needs to increase as well. And as you’ve probably guessed by now, if the thickness of the tabletop increases, along with the general dimensions, the table will become really heavy.

Now, this isn’t something that’s set in stone. It’s up to the builders to decide what thickness some tables should have. Builders can simply build a dining table for 2 and place a 2-inch thick tabletop on it. That also means that they will have to accommodate the heftiness of the tabletop with some big thick table legs to support it. There’s really no way to standardize the weight compared to the design.

But traditionally, the thicker the tabletop, the larger everything else needs to be in building that table as well.

How does the type of wood used to build a dining table determine its weight?

Different types of wood have different densities and different weights of their own. Below is a list of different types of wood and how they compare relatively speaking to weight.

This site contains all the awesome types of wood that are based on weight and size. It’s measured in pounds per cubic foot. What that means is that these numbers are the weight of how much a block of solid wood of that type would be. Specifically speaking, that block of solid wood would be 12 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches in size. I went ahead and averaged the numbers so that it would be a little easier to compare.

Wood type_lbs/ft^3

Wood Typelbs/ft3
Cherry wood50
A comparison between the wood type and how much it would weigh if you had a solid cubic foot of that type of wood

As you can see basswood is the lightest wood on the list. You can see that when you compare that to cherry wood, the weight almost doubles!

So if you had wanted someone to build you that table made of oak instead of basswood, you’d be looking at some significant weight gain from the table. Take a look at a beautiful table I found on Amazon of an oak table. It does however have some engineered wood built-in though. But notice the weight and the size. It’s quite large and capable of seating several people.

Just a disclaimer, sometimes there will be some tables claiming to be build with a combination of solid unadulterated wood with MDF or engineered wood.

Keep in mind that these heavier wood types are not only heavier, but much more difficult to cut and trim. The price of such heavy woods will go up significantly as well.

How to get a heavy dining table into your home

Before diving into buying a small or big table, it’s smart to first decide on how you’re going to move the table from the store into your car and into your room. Even if you’re ordering it online, the people shipping the table will probably not place it inside your home. Instead, they will most likely place the table right outside your doorstep.

Here’s the thing, if you’re going to haul it yourself from the store, you’re going to need some muscle. It’s definitely not going to be easy. You’ll definitely need a large enough vehicle. If you don’t already have a really large truck, then perhaps a Uhaul or a Home Depot full bed truck can do. Depending on the size of the table you need to make you have enough people.

If it’s a 4 seat table made of solid wood, you might be able to get away with just 2 people. If it’s a 6 seat table, you might need 3 adults. And if it’s an 8 seat table, you’re definitely going to need at least 3 adults or at least 2 adults and a dolly.

If you somehow decide to have it shipped to your home, the delivery man will most likely just leave it at your front door. Oftentimes, there will be the option to “install” or bring it into the home and put it in the right place for a certain fee like $75.

The benefit of this is if anything happens to the table while being moved, the company will be liable to fix the damages. That’s always a plus.