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How Many Amps Does an Electric Oven Use? (EASY Equation Explained!)

It’s all about the amps, baby.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know how many amps your electric oven uses. But it’s important to know because it can affect your electricity bill!

If you’re curious about how many amps an electric oven use, you’ve come to the right place.

The amount of power an electric oven uses depends on several factors, including the type of oven, whether or not it’s turned on and what kind of food is being cooked.

We’ve created this article to help you get a better understanding of how much power your oven uses.

How many amps does an electric oven use?

Electric ovens use a lot of power, so it’s important to know how many amps they use. Most electric ovens use between 30 and 60 amps. The specific amount of amps an oven uses will depend on how many burners you have on, the size, and the power of the oven.

How do you calculate the amperage of an electric oven?

It can be difficult to know just how much electricity your oven is using, but there is a formula that you can use that will help you get a more accurate estimation of the overall amperage of your oven.

You will need:

  • The total watts of the oven
  • The total volts of the oven

The equation is the wattage of the oven divided by the voltage of the oven.

You can find the wattage of the oven by using the serial number on the inside of the oven or in the manual of the oven that you got upon purchase.

The voltage for most ovens in homes is 240 volts. You can find that information in the owner’s manual as well.

A good example would be if you have an oven that is 2,400 watts and the voltage is 240. The amperage would be 10 amps.

Your oven can use more than this depending on what is being done and what the oven is being used for. Obviously, if you are using it at a higher heat you are going to be pulling more amps.

How do you find the amps rating for your oven?

To determine how many amps your oven is using you would use the equation that we have already discussed.

You would find the voltage of the oven as well as the wattage and would then use them to get the average amperage that your oven would use based on the specifications that are put forth by the manufacturer.

This does not take into account the age of the oven, how it is being used, or any damage that might be causing the oven to use more energy than it would be if it was in perfect working order and ideal working conditions.

What do voltage, wattage, and ampere have to do with an electric oven?

When you bake with an electric oven, it makes use of three different things to cook your food.

The first is voltage. Voltage is the force that pushes electrons through the wires that make up your oven’s heating elements and makes them heat up.

The second is wattage. Wattage measures how much energy is being used by each heating element in your oven, and it’s measured in watts. You can think of wattage as a unit of measurement that tells you how much power each element is using.

The third thing is ampere (or amps). Ampere measures the flow of current through a circuit or wire, and it helps us understand how quickly electricity can travel through something—like your oven’s wires!

What are some tips for efficiently using an electric oven?

If you have an electric oven and you want to save money and you want to make sure you are using it as efficiently as possible, there are a few things that you can do.

  • Cook more than one thing at a time- this is going to ensure that you are using all the energy that the oven is putting off all at once and making sure you are making the most of the space you have.
  • Use ceramic and glass pans- glass and ceramic hold heat in better than metal, this means that the food is going to be more even and that they are going to cook faster as well which uses less energy.
  • Do not overuse the self-cleaning function- this is going to use a huge amount of energy, but also helps you to ensure the oven is clean and working properly.
  • Do not open the oven while it is cooking- this is going to let out the heat and is going to require that you leave it to heat up more which then uses more energy.

What are the different factors that affect how much power an electric oven uses?

Different factors that affect how much power an electric oven uses include:

  • The size of the oven
  • The wattage of the oven
  • The type of heating element
  • The type of oven (convection or standard)
  • How well insulated your oven is
  • The temperature of the oven
  • The length of time the oven is used 

How much does it cost per year to run an electric oven?

It has been estimated that an electric oven if used every day, can use up to $12 per month in electricity.

This means it can use nearly $100 per year in electricity if you use your oven often.

Depending on how you use the oven, how often you use it, and how much you try to be efficient, it can be more or less than that estimate.

This is totally an average and can be less or more depending on your use.

How can you save money on your electric oven usage?

To save money when using your electric oven, you do need to make sure you are using your oven wisely.

This means cooking multiple things at the same time if you can, ensuring that you are not opening the oven and letting out the heat, and also ensuring that you are keeping your oven in great shape.

You want to make sure that if there is any damage to the oven, you have it repaired so that the oven will work properly and so that it can function as efficiently as possible.

Does a bigger oven consume more electricity?

Larger ovens do consume more energy, with larger ovens it takes longer to heat up and it does take stronger heating elements.

It can take more energy to run a large oven, especially if you are using it often.

Larger ovens do take more energy based on their size and how hot you have them, how many burners it has, and so on.

With very large ovens, it takes more energy to get them up to the heat you want in the time that you want, and it also takes more energy to keep the oven at the temperature that you want it at.

How efficient is an electric oven compared to other kitchen cooking appliances?

An electrical oven has an efficiency rating of about 12%.

Gas stove

Gas ovens have an efficiency of about 6%.


The efficiency rating of a toaster is about 30%.

Air fryer

An air fryer has an efficiency rating of about 60%.


A microwave has an efficiency rating of about 56%.

How often should you have your electric oven serviced?

An electric oven uses a lot of power, so it’s important to have it serviced regularly.

Over time, the elements in the oven can wear out, and the insulation can degrade, leading to higher electricity bills.

It’s typically recommended that you get your oven checked at least once a year.

A qualified electrician can check the oven for these problems and make sure it is safe to use.

What are the consequences of using too many amps on an electric oven?

  • If an electric oven is drawing too many amps, it could trip the circuit breaker.
  • If the circuit breaker trips, it will cut off power to the oven.
  • If the oven is without power, it will not be able to heat up and cook food.
  • If the food is not cooked, it can spoil and become unsafe to eat.

In summary, using too many amps on an electric oven can cause the circuit breaker to trip, cutting off power to the oven and potentially causing the food to spoil.

How can you reduce the number of amps your electric oven uses?

You can reduce the number of amps your electric oven uses by:

  • Checking the manufacturer’s specifications for the correct amperage rating
  • Checking the electrical panel for the proper amperage rating
  • Checking the wiring for the proper amperage rating
  • Make sure the oven door is completely closed when used
  • Keeping your oven clean
  • Cleaning the oven element regularly
  • Reducing the oven temperature

How do you know if your electric oven is not working properly?

  • If the oven is not heating up, the first thing to check is the circuit breaker. If the breaker has tripped, simply reset it and try again.
  • If the oven still does not heat up, check the heating element. If it is burned out, it will need to be replaced.
  • If the oven is not evenly heating, check the thermostat. It may need to be calibrated.
  • If the oven is still not working properly, it may need to be replaced.

What are some signs that your electric oven needs to be repaired or replaced?

  • The electric oven is not heating evenly
  • The electric oven is not reaching the correct temperature
  • The electric oven is taking too long to preheat
  • The electric oven is making strange noises
  • There is smoke or sparks coming from the electric oven

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