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Who Invented the Air Fryer? History, Timeline, and the Interesting Facts!

Who invented the air fryer?

The person who invented the air fryer was a man named William L. Maxson after he became obsessed with reheating frozen food. There was a lot of trial-and-error but he soon realized that if he could use extreme heat with some kind of motor that helps pass that heated air all around the food, then it would be something that could change the world.

What’s the history of the air fryer?

In the early 1900s, the thoughts and ideas of an air fryer had already existed. It wasn’t until 1904 when there was actually a record shown of a magazine company publishing an article on a cooker that used electricity and air pressure.

Fast-forward to 1945, a man named William L. Maxson filed a patent for what we would recognize more like an electric oven. His discovery of this electric oven came about when he realized it could reheat food while keeping the same flavors as if it were fresh.

About a year later he improved upon the idea thanks to his work in the airline industry. He invented the first air fryer called the Maxon Whirlwind Oven. Which used a motor to circulate air.

Maxon spent several years supporting the military with his method of air frying frozen food. He’s later expanded this technology to the private sector which included Airlines like Pan Am which was able to utilize his frozen food techniques for their passengers during cross Atlantic flights.

Unfortunately, Maxon died a few years afterward leaving behind no further progress in air fryers. Instead, microwaves became the new fad and continued from then on.

With the sudden popularity of microwaves, it seemed that air fryers were soon going away. Keep in mind during this time the typical air fryer was not as powerful as it was today. In fact these previous generation air fryers we’re only capable of heating up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The technology continue to advance and the air fryers were then capable of higher temperatures.

As many investors found that air fryers could not replace microwaves during the time, they decided to market air fryers at a different angle.

Instead of exclusively using air fryers to reheat frozen food which was something microwaves did very well, they decided to change the course and promote the capabilities of an air fryer producing fresh food from raw ingredients instead. This idea was a complete success and today air fryers are the trending topic when it comes to kitchen appliances.

What was the first commercial air fryer?

Sadly enough, the very first air fryer that William L Maxson built never made it outside of the assembly line. There were many faults to it including its weight. There was just no way of building a device like this in the masses for the public.

Fast forward more than 60 years into 2010, the company known as Phillips announced the very first consumer-level air fryer. This design was actually built by a man named Fred Van der Weij.

This version of the air fryer is probably the one we are all familiar with. It was in the shape of an egg.

How did the air fryer become so popular?

It’s hard to say the real reason for air fryers becoming so popular. But we do have some theories as to why.

  • Air fryers did not need oil which was more of a health-conscious thought
  • A benefit in health because it was able to trim fat into a liquid that dripped to the bottom of the tray
  • They work much faster than the standard convection oven
  • Air fryers can do much more than just air fry
  • It could potentially replace a lot of cooking items in the kitchen
  • Fear of microwave radiation
  • A fast and convenient way of cooking frozen foods
  • Using less or similar energy than normal kitchen appliances
  • Smaller than a conventional built-in oven
  • Created a crispy outer layer
  • Air circulation provided an even cooking result

How does an air fryer work?

An air fryer is a device that uses a heating element to cook food by circulating hot or warm air around the food. It has been hailed as a healthier alternative to deep-frying because it reduces the number of unhealthy oils that can be used. The air fryer circulates hot or warm air around the food, compared to an oven which only concentrates its heat in the direction that is pointing to.

The very first air fryer

William Maxson is considered the person who invented the first air fryer. He named it the Maxson Whirlwind Oven. It was a heavy egg-shaped kitchen appliance that was made of steel. Maxson installed a fan in the back of the unit that helps circulate hot air around the food. By adding a fan, Maxon knew that he was able to prevent the heat from concentrating in one area. The air would evenly cook the food around it.

Unfortunately, this device was overshadowed by the introduction of microwave ovens. Microwave ovens proved to be a much quicker method of cooking. It wasn’t until several years afterward did air fryers as the one Maxon created came back to life.

Who built and designed today’s modern air fryers?

As the downward spiral of air fryers continued. It wasn’t until the early 1990s that air fryers were beginning to pick up traction again. It wasn’t really until 2008 when Phillips developed their own version of the air fryer and introduced it to the world.

The marketing tactic here was to introduce it as a device that cooks raw food into fresh meals. Gone were the days that found benefit in reheating frozen meals. However, you and I both know that air fryers are great for reheating leftovers.

As Time continued even up to today, air fryers grow in popularity. There are by the way do you think there’s a possibility that can overtake tribe or Circle? So we judging by what you know now, and how the founder is I would just buy one of those cans to save it. I would never drink just even long discussions about how some people have replaced their microwaves with an air fryer.

What are the air fryers of today?

The air fryers of today are small, efficient, and Powerful devices with lots of smarts inside. They come in two popular but different forms which include the basket style air fryer and the oven style air fryer. Both have their similarities and differences. There’s not really one definitive winner when it comes to these styles.

And it’s not conclusive among its users which one is best. However these days, the air fryers can heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, a searing temperature.

Air fryers are also built with a multitude of features which include broil, bake, dehydrate, and even sear. These machines are built with intelligent timers safety factors that shut off the machine after a certain amount of time or temperature setting.

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