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Why Is My Keurig Not Heating Up Water? (Here’s the SOLUTION!)

It can be really frustrating when your Keurig doesn’t heat up water.

You’ve got a hot cup of coffee in one hand, and you’re trying to get the machine to heat up water so you can make yourself a second cup, but nothing happens.

Don’t worry! There are lots of reasons why this might happen and we’re going to go over them here.

If your Keurig is not heating water, you’ll want to read further for every trick in the book to get your Keurig fixed.

Why is my Keurig not heating up water?

Most likely, the reasons why your coffee maker is not heating up are because of either a blown fuse, a faulty thermostat, or a malfunctioning heating element.

If your coffee maker does not get hot then there is a high chance that one of these three issues may be causing the problem.

Quick fixes for fixing the issue include replacing blown fuses, repairing/replacing faulty thermostats, and/or replacing malfunctioning heating elements.

You also want to make sure that there’s enough water for the machine to heat up properly and boil to reach a near boiling point temperature of just under 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius.

This is required for heating up the water inside the machine so you can get the perfect brew from your Keurig.

How do you fix a Keurig that’s not heating up water?

A Keurig is a complicated machine that can have issues with heating from time to time. There are things that you can do to help your Keurig get back in working order.

  1. First, reset the brewer entirely. You can do that by turning the machine off with the power button.
  2. Then, place a cup on the drip tray and empty the internal water tank by pressing the brew button and holding it down for three seconds.
  3. You then need to turn on the brewer.
  4. Add water to the cold water reservoir and it should reset the brewer and let out hot water.
  5. If it does not, there may an issue with your heating element or with the computer of the machine itself.

The Spanking Method

First, unplug your Keurig. Then, remove the tank by pulling it off of its base. Rinse it well to remove any residue and wipe all surfaces dry with a lint-free cloth.

Flip the tank upside down over the sink and slap its bottom hard 6 to 8 times. This can be done using a small hammer or mallet, but I find that using my hand works just fine.

Plug the machine back in, and it should begin heating water up immediately!

How can I prevent this from happening again?

To prevent issues with your brewer in the future, you can follow these tips:

  • Keep your brewer clean. Make sure you are cleaning off limescale, that you are cleaning up any clogs, and that you are also emptying the internal water tank from time to time.
  • Make sure you are resetting your brewer as needed. You can reset and clear the stored settings ever so often to help ensure that the computer is working properly.
  • Take care of problems when they appear. Instead of waiting for things to start going wrong or for things to get out of hand, take the time to address issues as they appear.

How hot does Keurig water get and does it boil?

If you’re wondering whether or not your Keurig water boils, we’re here to help!

Keurigs don’t actually boil water, but they do get it really hot—the highest temperature that a Keurig can heat water is 192 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. So the temperature that a Keurig can heat water to is just under boiling.

Also, the temperature of your brew is likely to drop rapidly once the water or coffee is dispensed depending on the type of cup or carafe that you use.

Insulated thermos travel mugs retain heat better than regular travel mugs and are a good choice if your goal is to keep your drink warmer for longer.

Even when making ice coffee with a Keurig, the brewer makes hot coffee and you simply collect it in a cup or carafe of ice.

Keurig water does not boil at room temperature.

You can check for yourself by putting some in an open container (like a bowl) and see how long it takes for it to cool down.

If your Keurig isn’t heating up water, there are a few quick fixes that you can try.

You can try to preheat your carafe or cup before brewing to safeguard the temperature of your drink

Make sure to check for leaks around valves and seals

Double check that the filters are clean and that there aren’t any obstructions in the water line.

How do Keurigs heat water

Keurigs have an external cold water tank that opens from the outside and a heating tank that is inside the brewer.

When you turn on a Keurig, it senses the amount of water in the cold tank and engages a pump that draws water from the cold tank into the heating tank.

Once there is water in the heating tank, the heating system engages and preheats the water to a maximum temperature of 192 degrees Fahrenheit in 2-5 minutes.

Some Keurigs have a dedicated preheating light that flashes to show that preheating is ongoing. The light goes off when preheating is finished.

With the K-Cup pod in the brewer, hot water enters through an entry needle and extracts soluble elements from the grounds in a K-Cup pod to make coffee.

It filters through a paper filter inside the K-Cup pod and finally drops into your cup via spout (or directly into your cup if no K-Cup pod is present).

How does Keurig heat water so fast?

The main reason that water heats so fast in a Keurig is that it is held inside the machine, already warmed.

This means that the water takes less time to warm because it is already warmed slightly.

This cuts down the warming time significantly since the brewer does not have to heat the water up from a cold temperature.

The way that the Keurig is designed is to help make the process as simple and as fast for the people using them as possible.

This means that the water is going to heat up in a matter of minutes.

If you have water in the internal reservoir it is going to heat faster than if the machine has to draw from the cold water reservoir on the outside of the machine.

How to make your Keurig coffee hotter

If you want your Keurig coffee to be hotter, you can try a few things.

One thing that can help is disabling the high altitude setting (this is for the more advanced and newer model Keurigs).

The Keurig high altitude feature actually lowers the temperature to about 187 degrees Fahrenheit to take into account being at high altitudes.

This is because the boiling point is at a much lower temperature when your way up high.

This will make sure that your coffee is brewed at the correct temperature, even if you’re at a higher altitude than where it was tested.

You can also adjust the brew temperature by going into your settings and choosing “adjust.”

Now you’ll be able to set your preferences for brewing temperature and strength.

You’ll see the option to set your preferred Keurig temperature from 187 to 192 degree Fahrenheit. Set it to 192!

If you don’t want to mess with all of that, another option is to use a thermos travel mug that has double-walled insulation if you wish to drink your coffee later.

This will help keep your coffee hot longer so that it doesn’t get cold so quickly.

Can I add hot water to a Keurig?

You can add warm water to the reservoir.

However, it is not wise to add hot water to the reservoir as this can cause damage to the tank.

The plastic of the water tank is not meant to withstand very high temperatures, it is meant for cold water in most cases.

Since the tank is not meant for hot water, you do need to be careful how warm the water you place in the tank is.

Placing slightly warm water may help with heating times, but it may also warp the tank if the water is too hot.

How to repair the heating element in a Keurig

You cannot replace the heating element of a Keurig on your own for one simple reason, the part is not something that you can purchase on your own.

If you think that the heating element is bad you can get help from the customer service of Keurig and you are likely to have to send the machine in and get it fixed.

If you have a warranty on your machine, you can get it repaired for free and if they cannot repair it, you may be able to get it replaced for free.

What will happen if your coffee maker does not get hot?

If you have a Keurig that will simply not heat up you are likely to have a coffee maker that does one of two things.

Some Keurig machines are going to be sensitive enough that they are going to stop working entirely if the computer senses that there is an issue with the heating element.

If your Keurig does not sense that there is something wrong and it goes through the brew process, you are going to get coffee that is cold and not brewed properly.

With some coffee, this will not matter and you will just get cold coffee, with some other types of coffee you are going to get cold coffee that is not brewed as the grounds do not release without hot water to steep them.

Why is my Keurig coffee not hot enough?

The water pump might not be functioning properly.

This could cause a lot of issues with your machine, including an inability to heat water to the correct temperature and/or pressure required for brewing coffee.

If this is the case,  try to change up the settings or reset your unit. Then, unplug and re-plug in your machine back on.

This will reset everything back to default and may solve your problem.

If that doesn’t work, it’s time to contact customer service!

Another reason why your coffee is just not hot enough might be due to the heating system inside the machine malfunctioning.

Again, a way to fix this issue is to try a restart.

What temperature does a Keurig heat water to?

The temperature of your Keurig is preset at 192 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a temperature that was chosen for safety reasons and is the standard temperature for Keurigs in most homes.

Even models that come with a temperature adjustment feature don’t get any hotter than 192 degrees.

What are some tips for making sure my Keurig coffee is hot enough?

  • Warm up your cup before pouring coffee into it
  • You can also add hot water to your cup of coffee
  • You can preheat and run an initial cycle brew
  • You can use a thermal heat insulated cup
  • You can microwave your Keurig coffee

Is it possible to make coffee that is too hot?

It is possible to make coffee that is too hot.

There are some machines that make coffee very hot, so hot in fact that you cannot safely drink it until it cools down.

In some cases, the machine may be faulty enough that it makes the coffee so hot that it is nearly boiling when the coffee comes out.

If you find that the coffee is hotter than you want it to be coming out of your Keurig, some models do offer the ability to change the overall temperature so that you can avoid getting it too hot and can have coffee that is the perfect temperature for you.

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