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Reasons Why Your Ninja Foodi Smart Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up (You NEED to Know!)

The Ninja Foodi Smart Air Fryer is an amazing appliance that will change the way you cook food. It’s easy to use and makes delicious food that looks like you spent hours making it.

However, there are some problems that can arise when using a Ninja Foodi Smart Air Fryer.

Have trouble getting your air fryer to heat up? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with some helpful tips on how to fix this problem and get cooking again in no time.

There are a number of reasons why your Ninja Foodi air fryer may not be heating up.

The air fryer is not plugged in

This may sound silly, but it happens to the best of us. When your air fryer is not heating, it’s possible that the air fryer isn’t plugged in.

This is the most obvious reason why your Ninja Foodi Smart Air Fryer isn’t heating up, and it’s also the easiest one to fix. Make sure you’ve plugged it into an outlet and that the power cord is still firmly connected at both ends.

If you’re getting a “no power” error message from your device, try plugging it directly into an outlet rather than through a surge protector or extension cord (which can sometimes cause issues).

If not, continue reading.

Your air fryer doesn’t heat up fast enough

If your Ninja Foodi air fryer isn’t heating up fast enough, there are a few things you can do to speed it up.

First, make sure the temperature knob is set higher than the temperature of your desired cooking temperature. For example, if you want to bake something at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, set the temperature knob at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

If this doesn’t work, try turning off the unit for an hour and then turning it back on again.

If this also doesn’t work, try unplugging the unit for 24 hours before plugging it back in and turning it on.

Check the amount of food in the air fryer. If there’s too much food, it won’t cook as fast and you’ll get cold spots.

Check the heating element. Look for signs of overheating or melting on its surface that mean something’s wrong with your machine and you might need to replace it right away.

Make sure that the timer is set correctly on most models, this means pressing down the knob “start” after choosing an appropriate time (and then waiting until it starts counting down).

Test all electrical components by plugging them into another outlet if they work there but not with that outlet, that could mean that something’s wrong with either your outlet or house wiring itself (or both).

See if any other devices in your house work properly when plugged into these outlets too!

The heating element has gone out

The heating element is the part of your air fryer that heats up the air and causes it to circulate around your food, which helps with cooking.

It’s also a common cause for not being able to use your Ninja Foodi Air Fryer. The heating element is what makes sure everything cooks evenly and thoroughly and when it goes out, it can be hard to get back in working order again!

The bad news is that replacing or repairing this part is a bit difficult and if you’re not a certified appliance repair expert or if you’re unsure about how to do the repair alone, then we recommend taking your appliance in for professional service.

If you can somehow get the replacement part (which Ninja doesn’t sell separately), you’d have to take apart the Ninja Foodi which again, isn’t recommended). To replace a faulty heating element:

  1. Make sure you unplug the appliance before starting any repairs!
  2. Remove the outer casing by removing screws from underneath with a screwdriver. You will see wires coming off the housing.
  3. Disconnect these wires from each other as well as from their own corresponding terminal on the top side of the housing cover panel assembly.
  4. At this point, you should be able to gain access to the heating element to replace.

Keep in mind that we don’t recommend attempting this procedure and then it’s probably best to reach out to the Ninja care team to get things replaced or repaired.

The power cord may be bad

If you’re getting no heat at all, it’s likely that your air fryer is not getting power.

Check the power cord. Make sure it’s plugged in and securely connected to both the air fryer and the wall outlet. You may need to tighten up any loose fittings or replace a worn-out part if necessary.

Check the power supply. If there are any appliances plugged into other outlets nearby, unplug them. Especially anything with a motor that could jam up your electrical systems like an old vacuum cleaner or blender and try powering up again just with your Ninja Foodi Air Fryer alone.

Check the air fryer itself for signs of mechanical failure like loose wires or broken parts. Make sure nothing’s fallen between its outer casing and its inner components during transit (or installation).

Check for dents on either side of its heating element which could interfere with proper airflow. Check for obvious signs of damage such as cracked glass panels or bent metal frames (or return/exchange).

These things might seem like no big deal but they can really affect how well something functions!

Your air fryer is not getting any power

If your air fryer isn’t heating up, check the outlet. Check that you have a working connection to the power cord by plugging in another device, like your phone charger or laptop computer.

If it doesn’t work, try another outlet or get in contact with an electrician to make sure there’s no issue with your house’s wiring.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, check the power cord itself for damage and make sure it’s connected securely. If the cord looks damaged in any way (like frayed insulation). If this is the case, stop using your Ninja Foodi Air Fryer and replace it immediately!

Finally, check whether or not your temperature is actually set too low for cooking food at all. If it isn’t set too low enough (under 212 degrees Fahrenheit) then there may not be enough heat generated inside of the air fryer to cook properly.

Oil is leaking from your air fryer

If you notice that your air fryer is leaking oil, it’s a sign of a problem. Your Ninja Foodi was designed to heat up without leaking and if you’re experiencing this issue, it may be time to contact customer service for further assistance.

Oil, which could come from the running fan motor, can cause fires and electrical fires very easily depending on the size of the spill and whether or not there is any combustible material nearby. If you suspect that your air fryer is leaking oil or grease from its vents, unplug it immediately and remove any flammable materials from its area.

The thermal fuse or thermostat may have burned out

This is usually located on the side of your air fryer and is responsible for turning off your unit if it overheats.

If yours has burnt out, then it won’t be able to heat up properly, meaning that you’ll need to replace it before using your Ninja Foodi again.

Check the air fryer door

The first thing to do when your Ninja Foodi Air Fryer isn’t heating up is to make sure that it’s closed. If the lid hasn’t been fully shut, you won’t get much heat into the food and your food will cook slowly or not at all.

In fact, some special models like the basket types won’t even turn on at all if the basket isn’t securely shut tight.

Again, check for damage. If you’ve had your air fryer for a while and this is a new issue, check to see if there’s any visible damage on either side of the door where it closes into place.

If there is, it can prevent proper closure of the door when in use and cause overheating issues as your Ninja tries harder to achieve a certain temperature as well as other problems with frying food efficiently and safely.

One of the knobs is set to off

If you’re having trouble getting your air fryer to heat up and turn on, one of the knobs might be set to off.

To check this, make sure that the display reads a flashing preheat label.